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  1. Lisa- Have you even approached the topic of a welcome dinner yet? I'm about to do so.........and scared to see what extra charges they plan to tack on.
  2. Congrats I'm getting married in Playa Del Carmen too. You'll love it!
  3. undecided. havent had it in like 10 years! sugar snap peas
  4. i know andi!!!!!!!!!! i agree 100%
  5. how exciting!!!!!!!!!!! have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. dislike - they creep me out! wifebeaters
  7. oh and PS: Jeff totally has americas vote!
  8. i think i'm the only underdog left that likes kevin...only because i think he played the SMARTEST game. I loved Jeff, but I think turning on russell cost him the game! Kevin has made the best moves to advance himself in key situations and has gotten some HUGE wins!!!!!! I hope Natalie goes home next.............she sucks!!! I'm so glad her HOH reign is over!!! does the BB live feed cost money? cuz i'm dying to see who wins HOH!
  9. I don't understand why you have to pay more for drinks at an all inclusive resort!!! Is it the same thing with Chilis? That is super annoying
  10. Lisa, I do agree, I didnt know about the extra cost for the drinks, that is weird! Do you still have Desiree's email address? Maybe you can ask her what happened at her wedding? I feel like they ALWAYS try to charge you for stuff but I've heard that a lot of things are negotiable. Like I said, Desiree got a free cocktail hour at no charge and on their blog it says that they "often times" can give a complimentary cocktail hour, but sometimes it costs extra if there is no space available. Maybe you could wait until you go down and make a last minute decision? Sorry I'm just trying to help! i wasnt trying to be mean! I just emailed Ael with a few more questions. They said you only get 2 hours total for dinner & dancing? I thought I had something different in writing for them, I will check it out for you!
  11. Lisa, I'm not sure why you just found all that out. I've known all that since the beginning. We've posted all of that on here many times.......sorry if this sounds mean that is not how I mean it to sound! I'm just curious and feel upset for you that you just now found out that info?? We're not doing a slide-show though so i didnt know about the $300 for that equipment! Also, Desiree said they gave her a complimentary cocktail hour.......I'm not sure if included appetizers though? I'm sorry your upset about this info!
  12. I love the first one! I think its the best looking, and of the greatest value! It's a win win!
  13. congrats bahi- he looks super cute! I love the outfit!!!!
  14. JOSIE


    Happy Planning! You'll love the forum! Welcome and Congrats
  15. JOSIE


    Happy Planning! You'll love the forum! Welcome and Congrats
  16. that is adorable that you are back with your HS sweetheart after all this time i love it! Happy Planning! You'll love the forum! Welcome and Congrats
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