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  1. Fire Dancers- Not Yet! If April is their busiest month they may be slower to respond, I'll post ASAP!
  2. MSBetty- Oh No! I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for you. I bet you anything that once you're there they will find time for you! Plus, you'll still be able to scout out the resort extensively, so it wouldn't be a total waste! The WC's at RIU seem really reasonable, so I'm hoping they meet with you....good luck! Also glad to hear there are others getting married before hand! I felt kinda strange about it at first, but now I think it's the perfect solution. My travel agent also told me that it was very common and no one ever knows the difference! Keep us posted on what happens with your trip! For others: I updated the "Directions" portion of my website yesterday, with info on how to get to the RIU from Cancun Airport. You can print the page, or if you want me to Print it, PDF it, & email to you it's no problem! Most of our guests are booking packages with round trip transportation, but we had a few stragglers asking for this info, and you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to figure out directions in Mexico! Just thought I'd share!
  3. Aw- Thanks Guys! ShellK- If you really wanted the 14th (not sure how bad you want it?) You may be able to get married on sunday via "symbolic" ceremony... My FI & I are getting "technically" married @ a courthouse before we leave because its such less hassel! Nobody knows except our parents, and they told me the Symbolic Ceremony looks exactly the same. We plan to always celebrate our anniversary on the 28th (day we're getting married @ RIU). Just wondered if you knew about this option. I know it sounds kinda un-romantic, but it was perfect for us & a lot easier, plus no one will no (except you guys) anyway! Plus, we want to spend our time in Mexico vacationing and not hasseling with having to translate marriage docs. into spanish, etc. etc....
  4. Fire Dancers would be amazing!!! I sent an inquiry about whether they're still available and will post when I get a response! Great question!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by shellk josie your website is great what a good idea.you seem so organised.you sound as excited as me.the only thing is i have longer to wait :-( ShellK- Thanks for the compliment on my website You don't have too much longer to wait!! I just started my dress search too...I was told by several bridal shops that lace dresses travel the best. I have no idea if that's true our not...but I know I'm not going to do anything super poofy or too heavy. Like you I want something pretty simple because I think our groomsmen are just wearing white shirts & linen pants, so I don't want to be TOO decked out. I also think they will steam it at the RIU so the dress is looking it's best! Also, make sure you don't check your dress!! I've read several horror stories about brides that had their luggage lost and had no dress. If you carry it on, you can keep it in your hands at all times to make sure nothing happens to it! For all those on here, if anyone wants to email me, my personal email is: josiepedersen@aol.com I'm by a computer all day so I usually respond really quickly! Thanks,
  6. Thanks for sharing your pics! They are too cute! I'm getting so excited for my wedding, but still debating over this DJ issue.....for any of those who DID bring an IPOD, how did it go?
  7. That sounds great. My group is also very spontaneous and fun, so I don't necessarily feel the need to entertain them, although I am considering it if I have extra money. My family is from all over: Houston, Clearlake, Dallas, Galveston (lost a lot in the hurricane), San Antonio, Corpus Christie, Plano, and Austin! My mom was married in Galveston and was begging me to do the same.... I told her our Chicago crew would much rather an all inclusive trip to Mexico, and the TX folk are glad we picked Mexico too, because it's so cheap for them! By the way, I'm standing up in a wedding on 8.1.09 and will be wishing it was in a tropical area!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by tylersgirl Thank so much Jaime-you are a doll!!! I am so excited about the 2-story suite. JPJC Wedding-I am so glad you are choosing the RPRM!!! The gazebo was one of the main reasons I chose this resort too! I think it is just so pretty. I love that the beach will be in the background. =) Yes, I am still planning on bringing the Bose system with the IPOD. I am not paying the extra $1700 b/c it will be semi-private and I don't really care if people are nearby. We will have fun among ourselves. Also, I am having a huge AHR when I get home so I need to keep the costs down in Mexico. I don't know about the hookup for the IPOD. I know girls on here have done it before....I am just going to have to search to find the thread. CONGRATS! Let us know if you have anymore questions. I'm so glad too! I'm REALLY excited!! Thanks so much for your response, you're so helpful! I also don't care if the dinner is private or not...and would love to save the extra $. Are you planning to do a cocktail hour? I'm also torn on this and wonder if it is considered "rude" to let guests do their own thing before the reception, or just tell them to all gather in one place since it's all inclusive? Also, last question, where in Texas are you from? My mom grew up there and thus I have relatives ALL over the state. Just Curious! Thanks again
  9. Hey all! I think I have decided on the RIU! I was previously going to do Azul, but decided to keep searching due to my date preference. I LOVE THE GAZEBO area at the RIU...so gorgeous!!! The forum has been so helpful, especially reading the concerns with the reception, as I have the same questions! Does anyone know what the point of renting the disco is? My mom asked me if you rent it out, do they play YOUR music, or are you just renting it to party there with whatever music they normally play? Tylersgrl: Are you still planning to bring your IPOD with a bose system? I love this idea but it seems like theres trouble allowing it to be set it up anywhere! Because the package price includes dinner for 50, I find it silly to pay an extra $1700 to make it private. However I would really like to have dancing for a few hours. Just wondered how everyone else is dealing with this issue!
  10. Hi Ladies, After months of researching, I think I've finally decided on the Azul Sensatori and I just love the forum. Everyone is so helpful!! I'm really excited and have been told my date is available, and they are sending me the info on booking! I have a few questions maybe you guys could answer? From skimming different forums it seems like a BUNCH of people hire outside photographers. Does anyone use the resort photographers or have any clue how their work is? I'm pretty laid back so I wasn't planning on spending a ton of money in this area! Also, I was wondering about average prices for your guests. Are most of them staying a week, or 4 days, or are they all different in their preferences? I am so new, just trying to figure how to present the information to them. I have a million more questions, but will save them for later after I figure out some of the basics! Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi Jess, I have some information on their wedding packages, what exactly are you looking for? Let me know! Thanks, Josie
  12. Thanks AmyBlant! I love PPC, but they don't have our date. I'm still considering the date they DO have (November 27), but we'd be asking a lot of people to miss thanksgiving which I'm worried about!
  13. To all those who have been to the Paradisus Riviera Cancun, Could you tell me if they have a swim up bar? My fiance and I really want one, but I can't tell from the pics!! Thanks!! Josie
  14. Hi All, I'm trying to decide between Punta Cana & Riveria Maya...and all I REALLY want is to have the ceremony in a gazebo overlooking the beach. It would also have to accmodate about 50, maybe more. Any suggestions or pictures?? I'm stressing trying to find the perfect resort!!! Anything would be helpful!!! THANK YOU!! Josie
  15. Hi All, I'm trying to decide between Punta Cana & Riveria Maya...and all I REALLY want is to have the ceremony in a gazebo overlooking the beach. It would also have to accmodate about 50, maybe more. Any suggestions or pictures?? I'm stressing trying to find the perfect resort!!! Anything would be helpful!!! THANK YOU!! Josie
  16. Hi All: 1. name: Josie Pedersen (and Jason Charlton) 2. wedding date 11/28/2009 3. wedding location Can't decide! Either Riveria Maya or Punta Cana Here is my basic summary! We've set our date 11/28/09...we had to do a time frame when people had time off, becuase we have 6 people in the Bridal Party that are new teachers and can't request days off work for fear they might lose their jobs. We didn't want to do it over winter break, because the prices are the most expensive and we didn't want our anniversary around christmas & new years every year. So, we decided on Thanksgiving break and are hoping it's not TOO cold during our anniversary every year! We live in the Chicago- Land Area. So I've researched a million places.....I LOVE Paridisus Punta Cana...but they don't have our date! They do have Friday the 27th, but I'm worried asking people to miss Thanksgiving is unrealistic. I also like Azul Sensatori (Riveria Maya) & Playacar Palace. I am totally willing and would love suggestions for places that aren't too pricey, but also not cheap Definitely want to do All-Inclusive. Also, I've always wanted a gazebo overlooking the water (really bright water hopefully).... Looking forward to any help Thanks! Josie
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