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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Abbie got it girls hi mom! welcome! Thanks Abbie!
  2. lol. thanks morgan....i'll have to school my mom on the proper way to BDW!
  3. hey mom.........can you take my last name out of this?
  4. Lisa- I tried to send you an email but it got sent back to me ;( do you have any idea how many people are at each table in BogoFoto or Chilis? Are any of you planning on doing a head table? Trying to figure out all of this :/
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsMarch4 Hi Ladies, Where did you found your bridesmaids dresses? For some reason I am having a hard time finding "beachy" type dresses. Thanks! Alexis I got mine from JC Penny:
  6. Erika- You're so deserving and I'm so happy for you! The girls in the box & on the forum are truly the best!!!!!! I didn't know about the gift but am so happy and grateful that girls like this exist to pull us out of our worst times!!!!!!! Get Well Soon XOXO!
  7. I know the other girls will want to see.....so here you go! The following are pics of BogoFoto set up: here is the set up for the FULL open bar that is 9/pp extra heres a pic of a table? heres the last pic i was shown which is all the tables set up:
  8. Probably. I asked her for pics of the set-up cuz she sent me some of bogofoto. I wanted to see Chilis before I confirmed and then probably yes. I hope she responds soon!
  9. PhillyBride- Thanks for the awesome updates!! What would i do without you! By the way, that is the cutest siggy pic ever!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE THOSE KITTIES!!!!!!! I feel so much more educated hearing about kevin, because he was my fav. I agree that if he wanted to get natalie out he should have booted jordan and kept michelle....but he sees jordan as no threat so I assume thats why he kicked off michelle. i cant stand natalie!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited for the show tonight even though I'm DVRing because I have a dinner to go to. I was going to PM you but now that I'm so close I'll hold out for the live challenge! This is my first season really getting into big brother, and i'm loving it! thanks again!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyG Josie and Lisa- Ael says: "bare in mind that this can change if your group increases dramatically" I don't consider an increase from 50 to 55 guests, or 55 to 60 guests as a "dramatic increase." I'm pretty sure they'd squeeze in a few extra chairs and accomodate you without additional cost. If you're concerned, just go with Chilis and forgettaboutit! I liked BotoFogo b/c they say it's more elegant, but i'd take stress-free over elegant any day. Besides, you can't go wrong with Steak and Lobster as your wedding dinner :-) I totally agree with you....if we are close to 60 it should be fine, but I know myself and I probably won't want to risk it in the end...the last thing i need my wedding day or a few days before is to be told i am over the limit and have to pay MORE! F-that! I liked bogofoto a little better, but I'll get over it. lol Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyG I'd considered buying a BOSE stereo system to bring down with us. It's pricey but at least you'd get to keep it at the end. Does anyone know if they get loud enough to fill a dinner-party room? I think it does! My grandma has one and it gets pretty damn loud- i agree with lisa though i think the private dinner includes a DJ.....but you could do a semi private dinner and bring your bose system and just play it on the beach or by the pool.......what are they gonna do hmmmmm Quote: Originally Posted by jetsbride I think that if you want it private you have to have the DJ but I am checking that with Ael in an email. I will let you know her response. We were planning the ipod and bose thing also but I don't think it's allowed. Thanks Lisa, Keep up posted! I emailed her twice (once yesterday, once today) and havent heard back and its killing me!!!!!! I really want to know the ACTUAL price of the disco!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyG Hi everyone. Thanks for the support with my bridesmaids fiasco, and for continuing to post such helpful information for all of us. I had no idea that there was a charge to have cocktails at dinner, that really blows b/c i'm sure we're all going to have to bite that bullet. I also thought the cocktail hour was free. I'm debating keeping the reception semi-private (people have said you essentially get it private anyway and without the fee) and not renting the disco. Instead, maybe arrange transportation to take guests out for some nightlife, or even to the Yucatan where the drinks are free, but no need to pay to rent the place out when it's there for your use anyway. Instead of renting the media for the slideshow at RPRM, i'm saving that money for the at-home reception, so I can show pictures/video of the wedding. When in mexico i don't want to worry about lugging around a laptop. I'd rather bring an ipod and pay for the hookups to play my own playlist. I'm sure there's a charge for this too, but i can't see it being too bad (just speakers and hookups). Josie and Lisa, you chicas are riiiiiight around the corner :-) yay! Kimmy! I was told that if you want equiment to play your ipod its the same price as the DJ....they charge you for the DJ either way because you'd need his equipment to play your ipod. So you're looking at $1700 to play your ipod! GAY!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by jetsbride That is lame that specialty restaurants do not have drinks other then beer and wine...seriously!! I think that there will be about 60 ppl for our wedding I never knew that Botafogo could only hold 55...what is the cost to upgrade and move to chilis? What if you chose chilis from the beginning, do you have to pay more still? This is really confusing and frankly, driving me crazy!!! I told Ael we will have over 50 people and she said: At the moment, we can offer you the BotaFogo Restaurant for a private reception dinner, however, bare in mind that this can change if your group increases dramatically I have to say I am extremely happy that me and you are going through this at the same time...it definately helps, even though it sucks we have to go through it at all! i agree, i LOVE that i get to hear what they are telling you too! Seriously first they told me botofogo could hold 60, then they just sent me that about 55. wtf!? I am under the impression that if you choose chilis to being with there is no extra fee to upgrade.....as far as i know anyway!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Outdoor_girl1010 Sorry guys I can't stand her. I love AI, so I hope she isn't to bad. To me she will kinda be a joke bc she has 0 exceptions in the Music field. I think we're in the minority......she annoys me too! I probably wont watch AI anymore, I'm kind of over it!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by KLaBate54 Josie- I can definitely understand why you must be getting stressed out! I'm getting stressed out just trying to figure out the ACTUAL cost of everything and my wedding isn't until next year...I'm sure that I'll also have a million unexpected or UNCLEAR expenses too though. I thinks that's what upsets me the most is that nothing is clear...there's so many little rules about location based on the number of guests, private vs. non-private, with or without a DJ, etc...I just want to tell them what I want and I want them to tell me EXACTLY how much it's going to cost! Obviously that's not going to happen though, lol! And thank you for posting the FAQ's! Thanks Katie, i totally agree with you! Why cant I just tell them what I want and they can tell me the price! LOL
  15. Lisa, i havent booked either yet. I was told that the drink policy is the same for either restaurant because they are both "specialty". So it'd be 9/pp either way. I totally agree i dont want my guests leaving to find other drinks so the option of just dealing with "beer and wine" is out for us too. I know the RIU is at the Yucatan, which sucks....but if it can save is 1K I'll deal with that I guess. I wasn't given a clear answer of what chilis holds but i know its over 50. I got this email which kind of scared me out of bogofoto since we have around 55 guests right now....and if 5 more book it appears it would cost us money to have it moved to chilis! excerpt from email: I must say that the BotaFogo is available for groups of max. 55 people, therefore, if your guest list shall increase dramatically we will be forced to change your dinner reservation at the Chilis with the corresponding upgrade costs.
  16. hi girls! things have definitely gotten a lot more stressful since i wrote last. Jason was NOT happy about the open bar charge......Lisa I know you can relate. We're looking at other options and I feel bad I've emailed the WC like a million times. I'm very confused because she keeps giving me conflicting information. First she told me BogoFoto holds up to 60. Then yesterday she told me the max was 55? I was told the private dinner/DJ charge was $1700, but they sent me an optional extras price list & FAQ's (i'll attach it to this post) and it says the DJ is $1200? It also says the cost to rent the Disco is $1350. I asked Ael (WC) if this is still the true price of renting the disco. Lisa do you know if this is the case? If it still is only $1350, then we'll probably just to do a semi-private dinner for free, and pay the $1350 to rent the disco (private) which comes with FULL OPEN BAR and a DJ! It would save us almost a thousand dollars vs. paying $1700 for a private dinner & DJ then the extra 500 or so dollars for full open bar. Those are my thoughts as of now........I'm also confused about the video packages & money is getting tight! We're getting so close though which is VERY exciting!!!!!!!!! If you cant view the FAQ's you probably dont have enough posts to DL attachments and you can send me an email at josiepedersen@aol.com and I'll email it to you......however these are 09 prices so they might not be accurate for next year anyway FAQ 09.doc
  17. Oh My Gosh that his horrible!!!!! In my opinion anyone that would DISOWN their child over something like this is going to be very hard to win over. I would let your FI man up and have that conversation with his parents, and just be as paitent and respectful as you can. Hopefully they will come around. I am so sorry you're going through this
  18. sparrow!? thats ridic! not a fan at all, but thats just me!
  19. I'm also having a band custom made. I'm using a jewler that was recommended to me and i'm just doing a custom platinum band to fit my e-ring which I will post a pic of below. Its costing me $500.....not bad!
  20. Congrats Carla. I LOVE the Paridisus Punta Cana....also I hear the Iberostars have been given AWESOME reviews! Good Luck!
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