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  1. terls- I'll send you everything have when I return. It all turned out fantastic and easily the wedding of my dreams, even with a day of rain. Ill do a full review next week, but here are a couple of pics from my photographer! Cocoriah Photo: Wedding: Jonathan and Tauri May 28, 2010
  2. goingbridal- Im not sure who you are working with, but i have been dealing with Charline and she is great! I was originally gong to do an a la cart buffet with stations and it was cheaper. Now that all the guests are booked, I switched to the all-inclusive menu pricing, MUCH cheaper. I've attached it, hope this helps! AIP Banquet Guide.pdf
  3. when i originally booked with The Rose Hall, the prices were high. Because the resort offers all inclusive and a la cart, it seems like they are required to give you a la cart pricing. Once we say that my whole party was all inclusive, I got all inclusive pricing that was introduced at a significant discount (well normal pricing) and plated dinners are $45 each. I also got a discount for the all inclusive guests that covers tax. the prices can run up fast at the Rose Hall, but after visiting Jamaica I'm really comfortable and happy with it as my choice of locations. Also, not sure which package you chose, but I think a couple of them include dinner and set up for a group of 10. my day is in a few weeks, I'll be sure to do a detailed review when i get back good luck!
  4. if you send me a message with you email address, I'm happy to pass along my info on Rose Hall Hilton and answer any questions I can. I'm getting married there in just a few weeks.
  5. goingbridal - I've been working with Charlene for months and over all it's been really pleasant! I had one miss communication but nothing too bad, and it was easy to clear up. I think she was out of town last week, i'd give her another try. It's really been very easy and a good experience for me. Good Luck! Jcruzin76 - Good Luck and Congrats! I think your welcome is perfect, I'm thinking of doing the same thing on the first night!
  6. terri1225- Like Pandabride6, I am using the resorts videographer because it's pretty inexpensive. I'm bringing a photographer, but really wanted to video as well. Grande Garden is doing my decorations, they and the resort have chair covers and table clothes. I believe the resort has white and black table clothes at no extra cost, but I believe chair covers are extra. and hey, no worries on th questions...thank goodness we are all here to help each other! oh and an update, I worked out my number of room drama. if we get one more room we'll get the upgraded room at no cost.
  7. Hey Ladies, I need your opinions on the Room Offers, also if you would tell me what you understand. Here are the room offers: * With 10 room Wedding o 3 days / 2 nights complimentary stay for the Bride & Groom in an Ocean View room o One bottle of House Champagne * With 20 room Wedding o 4 days / 3 nights complimentary stay for the Bride & Groom in an Ocean Front room o One bottle of House Champagne * With 35 room Wedding o 6 days / 5 nights complimentary stay for the Bride & Groom in a Caribbean Suite o One bottle of House Champagne * With 50 room Wedding o 7 days / 6 nights complimentary stay for the Bride & Groom in a Royal Caribbean Suite o One bottle of House Champagne Do you see this as a complimentary room or upgrade? I inquired about whether what I had paid for my room would be applied to my total bill, since we are expecting to hit the 35 rooms. I also wanted to be sure we could secure the suite. I was told that only the deposit was applied to the total and that it has nothing to do with the 35 rooms which only entities me to an upgrade. well, you know i'm irritated, but I'm wondering how everyone else interprets this. thanks!
  8. Hey Ladies, Just wanted to send out an update. Now that I have rsvp's, I sent an email about changing my menu (I have about 50 people less than I was over estimating would come and now I'm at 80-90) and I wanted to consider making the food a little nicer. Well, because all of my guests are all inclusive, I got a whole different list of buffet menus that are all WAY cheaper + the 24% discount (which nulls the tax). if any one is interested in getting a copy, send me an email and I'm happy to share. hope your planning is going well! T
  9. wow... alright then. I chose the Rose Hall because I knew a Hilton had certain standard and I could feel comfortable entertaining guests there. I for one, have so enjoyed tossing ideas back and forth with you all. You've been my best planning tool. PS...with flowers, I decided to swap the arch for an aisle of flower petals. I am also doing Chinese lanterns for the receptions! I am really happy to update that I have approx 75 booked, not 125! Dollars saved! I'm guessing we will end up with about 85, rehearsal dinner for everyone...assuming I pick a place! 71 days and counting down!
  10. terri1225- I am doing the lawn next to the west gazebo for my ceremony. I don't have a picture, but if you look at the website, the first picture it's at the bottom left. It's a great location because it's right on the beach without the sand. It is near the main pool, but if you are doing late afternoon I think you'll be fine. My time is 6:30 so I don't expect too many people to still be at the pool. Catamaran...who did you book that through? It sounds like fun!
  11. terr1225 - I emailed you the two pics I could find. I hope that helps pandabride6 - I'm doing the PA system and speakers, and I didn't have a technician fee...I'll let you know if that comes up for me...no way I'm paying for that! I'd love to hear more about Jamaica Elegant weddings, I'm looking for a place to do a rehearsal dinner. Oh and I've been working with Grande Garden on flowers all week, they are really easy to deal with.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by terri1225 I am on the process of going through all of the documents, menus etc tht I received from Charline. We are going to do the ceremony at the West beach Gazebo but we are so torn on where to have the reception. Its between the 3 palms courtyard, the pool deck and the water park. Can anyone that has physically seen these locations shed some light? We are expecting approx 50 guests. Also if I was to choose to have the cermemony at the aqueduct and pay the $2500 fee how many hours is the rental for? Would our reception be there also? any help would be great. What is everyone else choosing for their reception menu? I am thinking about going with the food stations but not sure yet. terri1225 - I was originally considering the pool deck, after seeing it. I chose the other wedding Gazebo, it's a bit more private. I was mostly worried about noise from below the deck (it's over the buffet restaurant). The water park is really beautiful and private as well. I'm not sure about the aqueduct, though I do remember that there is no electricity there, and I didn't pick it due to my need to dance! as for menu I went with stations with a couple appetizers, salad and consumption bar. Though, honestly i'm only saving a dollar or so per person over the welcome receptions...so now I may change that. Good Luck!
  13. rosehallbride - if you pay for the bar per person, the guests will not have to pay during the 3 hours. I choose to do a consumption bar, no per person fee, many of my older guests won't drink that much. I am expecting it to be much cheaper. I asked Charline and once you have guest confirmed you can negotiate a percentage off of the cost for your AI guests. it's not a ton but it covers the high Jamaican taxes. Pandabride - I got pricing for a rehersal dinner at Pier One - thanks for mentioning it! the prices are great, I'm very excited about it!
  14. rosehallbride - if you pay for the bar per person, the guests will not have to pay during the 3 hours. I choose to do a consumption bar, no per person fee, many of my older guests won't drink that much. I am expecting it to be much cheaper. I asked Charline and once you have guest confirmed you can negotiate a percentage off of the cost for your AI guests. it's not a ton but it covers the high Jamaican taxes. Pandabride - I got pricing for a rehersal dinner at Pier One - thanks for mentioning it! the prices are great, I'm very excited about it!
  15. Pandabride6 - I got the quote from Grande Garden, I didn't get a quote from Tiaflora, but with my package, Grande Garden gave me a great discount. I have the One Love Package, here are some of the discounts: bouquets reg price $125, with discount $50 Centerpieces reg price $125, with discount $75 jr bridesmaid reg price $100, with discount $50 does anyone know how this prices with the other florist?
  16. ahhh! I've been engaged for 11 months and it always felt so far away...well not any more! now I've feeling like it's around the corner. I got the invitations out this week, I just need to mail all the international ones. I have pricing on the flowers, requested pricing on the cake. Next I need to do the wedding party gifts/OOT bags, guests OOT bags, find the shoes of my dreams, tailor the grooms suit, find something for my Mom to wear, order flower girl dresses, book the honeymoom, loose 15 more lbs. and execute all of it and still keep my mind! Oh and I have 3 showers, 2 bachorette parties and 2 weddings between now and May 28th! Thank God I found this forum, I don't think I would have made it this far with out you Ladies! I'm tired just thinking of it!
  17. Ok- Pandabride6 - I went with the One Love Package and spent a premium to get my time slot, but I'm saving over 2k! I did get pricing back from Grand Garden - more than I expected for bouquets, the brides is as much as the bridesmaids. I'm thinking of doing parasols for them to save. $125 seems like too much. I'd rather spend on their gifts. I'd also rather spend on reception decor. I'm thinking of doing lots of candles to create ambiance. Now I'm ordering the cake. I am just wanting simple 4 layers with dots or pearls...i'll let you know how pricey this gets. Good luck Ladies! I love having this forum to bounce ideas around!
  18. I did my big chop back in June, so I'm fully natural now. I was in Jamaica in October and I was pleasantly surprised. All of the sisters in the salon ha beautiful hair, relax, pressed, twists, locs and braids. It made me feel a lot better about having them do my hair. I'm thinking I'm going to wear twists the day before and do a twist-out up do for the wedding. I don't think I'll try to flat iron or press it, I haven't tried it yet and can't imagine trusting anybody to it...an updo I think I can trust them with.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Reed 2 b Name: Sokonie Wedding Date: May 29, 2010 Wedding Location: Rose Hall Resort and Spa Oh Tauristar we may just run into each other! My wedding is the day after yours and I'm also working with Charline. I also visited the resort and I did so in July. The resort is beautiful. I've chosen the One Love Package and will be getting married in the East Gazebo in their tropical garden. I'm happy to be getting married at RHR but I am SHOCKED at how expensive things are getting. I'm expecting about 70ppl and after choosing what I want I was quoted about $20,000 for ceremony and reception! This cost does not include rehearsal dinner, my dress, invites, programs, gift bags, travel...everything else that you have to pay for when having a wedding. By the time it's all said and done we could be looking at a $28,000+ bill. Which we do not have and was one of the reasons we decided to do a destination wedding. $900 for a DJ for 3 hours?! $2000 for venue (ballroom) rental and set-up when I'm staying at the resort? Come on! Anyway, much negotiation has to be made but ultimately, I may move my reception off site. BTW: I think the $45 includes drinks but there is a $500 bar set-up fee for up to 75 people. If you want the premium bar it's $650 for up to 75 people. We are bound to run into each other! I hate to admit it, but with my 125ppl coming I'm looking at that same cost. What I did with the reception was this: instead of choosing a menu that was pre organized. I am doing stations and two passed appitizers with a consumption bar. The bar is a savings for me, as most of my older guests won't drink too much. (i'm secretly hoping that they will drink all day at the pool and slow down by wedding time!). I've also opted for regular bar. This came out to about $85 per person with the bar. As for negotiating, I did confirm with Charline that if most of the party is doing the AI package that they will take 25% off the total. This negates the high tax rates in Jamaica. I am hoping that I will be able to negotiate a little tougher as more people book rooms. I think the places to negotiate are in the package and set up fees, as food and beverage have had cost associated. Has anyone known that to be the case? As for DJ, I have a guest that will act as MC and I'm going to make some killer play lists and play that through the rented equipment. I had heard that with a DJ you had to bring a playlist and songs with you, so for $900 I think I'm better off saving that money. Right now with numbers for 125, for the wedding, upgraded time slot (i'm doing 6:30pm, cake, reception, bar and food I'm at aprox $17k without flowers. I have emailed Grand Garden for quotes. Good Luck, I'm sure we will run into each other that weekend. I'll let you know how I do with negotiating things!
  20. Mikababe - I was able to go to the resort in October and fell in love with the Gazebo by the ocean. It's beautiful! I love Charline, she is really helpful. Oh and I'm not sure if anyone has said this yet. But if your doing a reception and your guests are all doing the AI you can use that as a barginning chip and have them take off the tax. I am hoping once I have more people booked I can start to drive some bargains. The other thing I did recently was change packages and upgrade the things I want. This saved me about 3k! JennBlades - I went to each of the restaurants and really liked them all. I do believe the $45 includes alcohol...but double check me on that. I think I asked in one of a million emails. Troysbride - can't wait to see pictures! It sounds like it was wonderful!
  21. I was at the resort in October and the AI included almost everything. I remember the most expensive items on the menu at the Steakhouse weren't included but were a surcharge of maybe $20. According to the Hilton Website there are a number of different levels of the AI but my travel agent negotiated for one that included bar and food. As for $45 per person for food, where are you doing that? My costs/quotes are a bit higher. I'm happy to pass along any info you need, just let me know how I can help! Thanks T
  22. Pandabride6 - I was at our resort in October and I am happy to tell you that all of the staff in the salon are black girls too. I am newly natural and one girl was telling me all about cute twisted styles for the wedding. There are both natural and relax sisters in the salon, I think you will be fine if you bring a picture of what you want and what ever products you tried and trust. If you are worried, I would schedule a trial a couple days before to have time to try a few styles just to be sure...but I'm sure you'll be fine. This plan is my back up if my stylist doesn't make it down...and if my hair doesn't grow out some, I'll really have a challenge on my head! Good luck, but i'm sure you'll look beauiful!
  23. Oh, while I'm here. What packages did you choose? I am going with the Twilight because I want the later time, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Also, I'm having a tough time deciding on whether to do a cocktail hour. I feel like it's too much to try and squeeze it in when I have a 6:00 wedding, thoughts/opinions?
  24. hey spellbound1995 if you pm me your email or email be at tlove41 @ hotmail, I can send you pics from the on-site photographer. I was at the resort in October and met him. He was nice and seemed to be professional. I'm hoping to do oot bags, I'm going to ship bags to the resort, they'll hold on to the boxes for I think $10 a box. I have lot's of info let me know if I can help. good luck! T
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