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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by lizsays2u I just booked with Wyndham for June 2011. The wedding director has been great so far. I have a ton of info on pricing and wedding packages so let me know if you need anything! Could you please forward to me. I am interested in their pricing info.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Meitra I'm getting ripped off as well They quoted me $125 pp ($150 pp with the taxes and fees). It includes several options and all drinks, but come on! Oh, and when I asked to removed several of the options to lessen the cost, they said no! How many guests are you anticipating? I wonder if this is a deterrent for small weddings or is this just business as usual.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by tauristar when i originally booked with The Rose Hall, the prices were high. Because the resort offers all inclusive and a la cart, it seems like they are required to give you a la cart pricing. Once we say that my whole party was all inclusive, I got all inclusive pricing that was introduced at a significant discount (well normal pricing) and plated dinners are $45 each. I also got a discount for the all inclusive guests that covers tax. the prices can run up fast at the Rose Hall, but after visiting Jamaica I'm really comfortable and happy with it as my choice of locations. Also, not sure which package you chose, but I think a couple of them include dinner and set up for a group of 10. my day is in a few weeks, I'll be sure to do a detailed review when i get back good luck! Your response was by far the best response that I have had to this issue. I just feel like, I cannot tell my guests where to stay. I want them to have the freedom to stay wherever they like, so a la cart pricing it is. However, this is just ridiculous. The chicken would end up costing me just about $1550 after taxes and all. I'm not cheap, but $150.00 per person for chicken just isn't going to happen.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by JanineA Wow that is steep. Our dinner is $70/pp and our get a choice between two appetizers (Ceviche or Caprese Salad), choice between two entrees (fliet mignon or caicos snapper) and choice between two desserts (apple something and a berrie & brownies type thing). I know I have a set up fee but I don't think it is that much. Is there any way you can negotiate this because it seems a little high. What other options do you have? Going to another resort. The fact that the coordinator said this without laughing at herself was enough to make me look somewhere else. Quote: Originally Posted by debbmach that sounds really steep...is it at a luxurious private resort? Not really.
  5. Congratulations. Get off the internet and get to your new husband. I'm eagerly awaiting your photos and full review.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that there are only the rack rates for rooms at the Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Hilton for 2011. The coordinator told me to book now in order to get the "free wedding", but I don't even think she realizes that these are rack rates. Anyone else notice this? When do the competitive rates come out for hotels?
  7. For 10 people. Is this absolutely ridiculous to you or what. I was quoted $500 set up fee for dinner on the beach plus $79.00 per person for a basic chicken dinner. Is it just me or is this a crazy amount to charge for chicken. a I really need feedback. Would you pay this much for a mini-reception for 10 people? Just so you know this does not include any wedding costs or decor or alcohol.
  8. ~Jcruizin76: How was Rose Hall's response to your wedding planning? I began a dialogue with Charlene about 3 weeks ago and she has failed to follow-up or respond. The first person that responded to my e-mail inquiry just said no we don't have X date available and nothing more. She didn't suggest alternative dates or anything. I think it is really rude (and believe me I'm very cognizant that they may be busy). I am starting to think outside of their hotel. Can you tell me about your experience with them either on this post or in a PM.
  9. I have visited Half Moon's website too. I want some personalized information from them too. I was quite impressed by what I saw on their website. I also checked them out on trip advisor and the actual photos looked really good. Also there was not much negative criticism on trip advisor. If you find something out, please share with me.
  10. I got engaged in November and then got petrified. The only thing that FH and I agree on is that this will be small destination wedding. So now . . . I have to figure out all the rest. Name: goingbridal Wedding date: hopefully winter 2011 Wedding location: figuring it out
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