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    Iberostar Varadero Brides - Need your help!!

    Hi Stacey, I'm getting married at the Iberostar Varadero in 2 1/2 weeks, so I'll probably be able to answer most of your questions when I get back!! But we're having our ceremony at 2pm as well, and I chose that so that there would be more daylight for pictures. Our ceremony is going to be on the beach itself, not in any of the gazebos. Our dinner will be at the Mediterranean restaurant, as I've heard it's the most intimate (and dinner is at 6:30pm for us). We're not doing the private pool or disco party, so I can't answer that question. We're just going to the disco when it opens for everyone at 11pm. Anyway I'll write a review when I get back in December, so stay tuned!
  2. Blooroze

    One week or two??

    We are staying 1 week at the Iberostar Varadero and then 1 more week just travelling around Cuba on our own. I think it will be a good mix, and we'll probably be sick of the all-inclusive lifestyle after a week.
  3. Great thread ladies! Keep up the suggestions/inspirations so I can steal them from you, lol!! =P
  4. I'm so glad this thread is here! I'll probably go with the Smashbox or Make Up For Ever HD foundation. What is everyone using for concealer?? AND... Eyelashes?? Real? Fake? Extensions
  5. Blooroze

    Calling all Iberostar brides! I have a question...

    I had my travel agent contact the resort and arrange it.
  6. Blooroze

    Calling all November 2009 Brides!

    Great thread girls! I've only read a bit of it so far though... 30 pages, whew!! I'm getting married on November 25th, 2009 at Iberostar Varadero. We decided on Cuba because it's somewhere a lot of people have never been and the price is a little lower than other Carribean destinations. All of our guests (and us!) are Canadian, so no problems there. We also decided not to have a wedding party for a couple of reasons. First of all we thought it might be weird to have 1/2 the guests standing up with us as BMs and GMs and the other 1/2 sitting and watching the wedding.... but more importantly we wanted to avoid the drama of having to choose! I have THREE friends that I guarantee would EXPECT (not just hope) to be my MOH... And the one I would actually choose would probably be a bad choice because she's not particularly organized and doesn't care that much about weddings!! So far I have: -booked the actual time for the ceremony (2pm) -booked the trip (about 20+ guests have booked so far as well) -found and bought my dress (although it's living at the store until I get my alterations done in September) -done LOTS of research, especially on BDW! -made our wedding website with trip and booking info for the guests I still need to: -figure out and make OOT bags (and decide if I even want to do them??) -decide how my hair will be and if I'll wear a veil -book the reception dinner at the resort -send all the necessary guest/legal info to the resort wedding coordinator -arrange the ceremony on the beach (technically they give a beach gazebo option but no beach option... but I hear that you can specially request to have it on the actual beach so I'm crossing my fingers!!) -decide groom's outfit -see a local makeup artist to decide how I'll have my makeup and learn to do it myself -lots more than I can't currently think of! We're not sending out invitations because it was easier to just do it by word of mouth. We didn't really have a specific guestlist... just sort of any of our closer friends and immediate family that's willing to pay!! We're expecting about 30 people. That's about it for now! I'll keep trudging through everyone else's posts now.
  7. Blooroze

    Cuba Brides - When is your date!

    April 2009 Fudgie - April 13, 2009 - Sol Palmeras, Varadero Sarafish (Sara and Jeff) - April 18, 2009, Playa Pesquero, Holguin Erin0409 (Erin & Stuart) - April 29, 2009 Superclub Breezes, Jibacoa May 2009 DWbride09 - May 21, 2009 - Sirenis La Salina, Varadero June 2009 Amelia & David - June 18 2009 - Iberostar, Varadero Nov 2009 itsfinallyhere - mid-November 2009 - Sirenis La Salina, Varadero Blooroze (Beth) - November 25, 2009 - Iberostar Varadero Jan 2010 C & I - January 22, 2010(to be confirmed) - Playa Pesquero Feb 2010 Lori and Travis-February 14th, 2010-Barcelo Marina Palace March 2010 jackobelle - March 16th (ish) 2010 - Probably Blau Varadero May 2010 Krista & Josh (K'osh) - May 4, 2010 - Playa Pesquero June 2010 Stephanie&Luke - June 2, 2010 - Melia Las Dunas, Santa Clara
  8. Blooroze

    Vancouver TA Needed!!

    Hi all, I too am from Vancouver. I used TA Lindsay from BDW, and booked at Iberostar Varadero Nov 23-20 for $1678/person. Pretty good deal in my opinion! That's through Transat Holidays, and they honour one price reduction before the final travel date (ie. if prices become cheaper they'll let our prices jump down to match them).
  9. Blooroze

    Vancouver TA Needed!!

    I'm looking for a Vancouver TA too!
  10. Vancouver here! Anyone know of a Vancouver travel agent that's good to use for destination weddings?
  11. Blooroze

    Iberostar Varadero Cuba Review and Pics

    Sounds great! I'm thinking about getting married there in late November 2009 (praying for good weather!). Do you by any chance have any of the info for prices for the various extras or wedding packages? If so can you please email me at bethlaverock@hotmail.com. Thanks!!
  12. Blooroze

    Hi from Vancouver!

    Hello past, present and future brides! I am SO glad that I found this forum! It already answered a million questions of mine, and I'm sure I still have hours and hours of reading left! I am planning my DW for the last week of November 2009 - hopefully we won't get hit with any awful weather or hurricanes.... I've narrowed things down to 3 choices: Iberostar Varadero in Cuba, Riu Ocho Rios in Jamaica, and a 3rd resort (can't remember the name) in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. Having said that, I have NO idea what to expect for the prices for those places. I'm assuming Cuba will be the cheapest... Our friends don't have that much money but all want to come, so I've guaranteed a max price of $1500 AI. I hope I didn't set myself up for failure!! We are also planning on having an At Home Reception sometime after we get back. Not sure what that will look like... Hopefully as low cost as possible, while still being a nice celebration. Too bad it's not summer or we could have it outside, but I don't think I'd want to wait 9 months after the wedding. Anyway congrats to everyone else getting married!