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  1. Hi robbiemoe. I read just the other day on a facebook page for the IV that there isn't a steamer available at the resort. Better bring yours along with you...
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Outdoor_girl1010 Here are a couple of picture of my dress before alteration Your dress is beautiful! It's made for you!! Well I finally made my decision!! Time was running out and I was starting to worry that I wouldn't find the right dress in time! We're getting married in April and I only ordered the dress this month so I was getting dangerously close to the cut off for ordering. Here it is!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by AnyafromCineart Hi Stacey, I will try to answer your questions: 2pm ceremony - yes it will be hot but gazebo will give you a shade. You can check on the slideshow - ceremony was in the beach gazebo, reception in Mediterranean and night pictures in Gazebo at the pool. Jessica and Brandon 5 hours sounds a lot but it will fly. You may need to refresh before the the reception (most of my Brides do this). Is getting dark at about 6:00 pm so you will probably be done with the pictures until than. Dinner - Mediterranean is most intimate and food is really great! Check how it looks like on the slideshow. Dance- If you have enough people to keep party going for sure pool party will be fun. Hoverer disco is great and paying extra may not be necessary. Pictures- Havana is almost 2 hours away from Iberostar, so most of the pictures taken there happen on the other day. Matanzas is little bit closer (30 min)and has real Cuban feel. Taking big taxi (10 people) to Matanzas will cost you about 100 CUC (after bargaining). You can also go to Cardenas which is pretty close. I'm leaving for Cuba on 22nd of November and for sure I will post some more pictures after. All the best with planning! Thanks so much for the information! That's a huge help to me and a relief to know that the 2pm wedding isn't too early in the day! You're pictures are stunning! Quote: Originally Posted by Blooroze Hi Stacey, I'm getting married at the Iberostar Varadero in 2 1/2 weeks, so I'll probably be able to answer most of your questions when I get back!! But we're having our ceremony at 2pm as well, and I chose that so that there would be more daylight for pictures. Our ceremony is going to be on the beach itself, not in any of the gazebos. Our dinner will be at the Mediterranean restaurant, as I've heard it's the most intimate (and dinner is at 6:30pm for us). We're not doing the private pool or disco party, so I can't answer that question. We're just going to the disco when it opens for everyone at 11pm. Anyway I'll write a review when I get back in December, so stay tuned! Thanks Blooroze! Can't wait to hear all abut it when you get back! Hope you have an amazing trip and best wishes for your wedding day! :-)
  4. Hello fellow IV brides! We are in the process of planning our wedding at the Iberostar Varadero for April 2010 and need some help! I've been scouring the site for answers but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Perhaps my searching skills are a fail and if so, I apologize for the repetition. If any brides out there can help answer my questions or lead me to the answers, it would be greatly appreciated! :-) Here goes; 1. We are booked to be married on April 27th at 2pm, I wanted to be married later in the day but unfortunately, another couple beat us to the later available time. Has anyone else been married at 2pm? Was it still scorching hot? I wonder too about the length of time between the ceremony and the dinner/reception. From my understanding the dinner isn't until 7pm. That's 5 hours! What did everyone do in between? I'm sure pictures will take up a few hours but is there anything else we should be considering doing during that time? 2. Where? There are the 3 gazebos to choose from and my understanding is that the garden is for small intimate groups (less than 10) and both the pool and beach can accommodate larger groups. I really like the what I've seen of the beach gazebo and am thinking this is our choice but want to ensure that it is still private and there will be minimal strangers in speedos around! Has anyone on here chosen the beach gazebo? 3. Dinner. What has been the favorite restaurant to go to? I hear that the Mediterranean is really great and have requested it but want to be sure that it's the right choice. We have a guest list of about 20-25 so accommodation wise I don't think there would be an issue an any of the 3 choices. 4. Dance!! We're debating between the pool party and the disco. FI wants pool and I'm drawn more to the Disco. Of course, this will depend too on what the price is - currently am awaiting an email from Belkis to confirm costs but I've read that its 20 CUC/person? Has anyone done either and if so, what are the reviews? 5. Pictures! This may seem like a silly question but when looking at the pics online, I see a lot of couples who had their pics taken in Havana. I def want pics taken in Havana but my question is this - are they taken on the wedding day or as part of the TTD sessions?? Thanks so much for all your help ladies! Stacey
  5. Wow that dress is gorgeous! Great pick for a TTD photo session! Can't wait to hear/see all about it when it arrives!
  6. I agree...#2 would be my choice. I like #1 but the fitted cover with the sash looks, in my opinion, much more sleek and modern.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by thope Ladies I need a bit of advice..I am having a really hard time finding the perfect dress... I am tempted to order a dress online, I havent found anything in the stores I like. Has anyone used store of brides or peri dress. I'm nervous but time is ticking away and I havent put on "the one" yet. I know how you are feeling! I've been on the dress hunt for months now and have tried on ALOT of dresses! I still haven't had the "one" feeling but have come to realize that perhaps I won't and my choice will be based more on what feels the most comfortable, is the best fit and style for my body type and fits the idea of what I'm looking for. Def go out and try a bunch on so you can find out the things that don't work for you and it might help make your choice a bit easier. Here is the dress that I'm considering...really its the only one so far that I've put on that I've really liked and has stuck with me. It could be the one!
  8. Oct 31 @ 8:27am - Drinking a cup of tea while browsing BDW and contemplating cleaning the house. KLee147 - Hope you have an amazing trip!!! Congrats on being an almost Mrs!!! Happy Halloween Everyone!!!
  9. I've seen a few group photo pics on here and on other sites. I think if you had a small group it could be easily done ...I see though you have 65 guests booked so far so it might take a bit of work to co-ordinate but I say if you really want to have one done, advise your photographer and guests of when the photo will take place and go for it!
  10. No veil for me...I'm thinking of doing a messy low type bun on the side with a flower. So far, anytime I've tried one on with the gowns, I felt it just wasn't me.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover I have a Mori Lee. I just love my dress!!! I've gone through all their dresses. I'm in love with her line. I love the dress!!!!! it's perfect!!!! I say go for it!!! sorry I'm a sucker for Mori Lee's Quote: Originally Posted by shan13 Stacey..if you don't feel it then...don't buy it...if you can push your trip up then do that...what are you looking for as far as a dress...ie style, beading, length..maybe starting there would help...the first dress I tried on I thought was the one..after nother trip to another store..I did find the one..but I had an idea of what I was looking for..I wouldn't concentrate on finding "the one" or having that feeling..what I will say is try to get an idea of what you want and start there..not lots of time left and we def don't want you stressing cause there is more to get done..hopefully you will find your dress..GL!!! Its actually one of the few Mori Lee's that I've tried on! Most of the ones I've been drawn to are Maggies and I thought for sure I'd end up with a Maggie but this dress just seems to fit for all the right reasons! I am too caught up in the thinking i need to feel as though its "the one" and I'm stressing out about not having that feeling and the time crunch! After trying on about 30 dresses (or so it seems like that many!) I do have a pretty good idea of what I don't want so am able to weed things out much more quickly now! There are a few different styles I like and this dress sort of incorporates a little from each of those (ie, strapless, lace, beading, short train, etc). It has been however, 24hours since I've found the dress and I'm still thinking seriously about it so that's a good sign! :-)
  12. Ahhhh...yes that makes much more sense now! I agree with CaribbeanLover - if it were me I'd book in the room for the photographers at the cheaper rate it is at now - better safe than sorry. Would hate for there not be any last minute deals or rooms available at the last minute. Plus, while it sounds like having additional photographers there to get more photos would be nice, I'd be concerned that there could be discomfort or even confusion among them.
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