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  1. Hello-I have 3 cd's of wedding photos and full rights to them. But looking for someone to make them look AWESOME. You know how they add special effects to imgages -- color pops, blurring, etc. Can this be done at this point? Can I hire someone to do that and then also create a flush mount for me? How do I do that? who do I look for?
  2. Hello. I have the original photo files (and permission to use) from my photographer. I'm looking for someone to design my album. Mostly interested in a magazine style book. Any recommendations for some steller work? Looking for a high end look and finish.
  3. Hi all. I was married at the Ritz in November. Worth every penny. It was perfect and Marsha is the best come hands down. She has great relationships with her staff and more than anything she knows what she is doing. I am super type A and micro manager in life but seriously -- I did nothing and worried NONE all due to her.
  4. What are you guys wearing when you get your head and makeup done? I have been looking at those bridal hoodies but I can't tell which ones are nice fabric online. Any recommendations?
  5. Does anyone have a timeline for the order of events for a reception?
  6. Hi guys. has anyone preserved their bouquet? How do you do this when you're actually in another country? Do you send it back to the US with family? Other options?
  7. When did you guys send your invites and as for RSVP's? I am getting married 11/14 and need responses back for catering 10/1. So I'm thinking of sending them like tomorrow...
  8. When should i send invites out for a wedding that is 11/14 but I need to get all menu counts back to the catering company no later than 10/1?
  9. So is the general rule of thumb to tip on items where gratuity is not included? For my result their quote included 20% gratuity on Audio Visual, Bartenders, Waitstaff, and transportation bus drivers. So I plan to tip the wedding coordinator, minister, florist, DJ, and Photographer. What is the amount that is reasonable?
  10. What is the proper order to stuff the envelopes? I have a flat invitation, RSVP card with envelope, and a Schedule of Events card. Any idea? Also, do I need to put those wax paper things on top of invitation too?
  11. I am struggling to find what favors/gifts to give our guests. I haven't really seen anything that seems useful or nice. As a guest to many weddings, I really have no use for something with someone's name and date on it. I hate to say that but its true. Does anyone have any ideas of things that don't suck?
  12. My situation is slightly different. The hotel that I'm going with is not AI only. We have worked out a deal that creates an AI plan and also gave us a good deal on our reception. It would be less than truthful to say it is AI only but the truth is that we did this because we see are holding a lot of events at the hotel and want guests to mingle and hang out and drink by the pool, grab after dinner drinks in the eve. this is the most cost effective way for them to do this. They can get cheaper deals elsewhere but then they are going to be taking cabs back and forth and buying their own food and drink if they want to hang out with the rest of the party so this would make the places that seem cheaper really not so cheap as they may think. I just don't want to be in a situation where a lot of people book off site and then I have to eat the cost. I can't not invite them just because they don't stay at the hotel. If there are a few people here and there that are having trouble, we have budgeted for that, but if it is a great deal, I'm screwed. I don't think most people would want to stay elsewhere...but you never know. We just got back from a preplanning trip. FI suggested we sent out an email saying how awesome it was and how excited we are that everyone will be staying there together, great pool in the center for the unlimited drinks we've worked out, etc. Invitations will follow in the next 2 weeks...
  13. I am in the same boat. However, if guests attend the wedding who are not staying at the resort the cost gets VERY HIGH. So, I need to make sure (or strongly encourage) people to stay at the host hotel/resort. How do I do this? It is a very nice resort and more expensive than some other places, but the deal at this place is great for the value. Thoughts so I don't bankrupt myself?
  14. Hello everyone. We have worked out a great AI deal at an amazing resort. The resort is not all AI and is very special. We will be charged a very high per person rate for people not staying at the host hotel and not paying AI. We have worked out a deal which we beleive should be VERY attractive to our guests. We have also scheduled a lot of events on property so to encourage people to stay and book the AI and not have to worry about cabs and stuff. However, does anyone have any suggestions on how to really really encourage people to do this? While other hotels may be cheaper in the area...the one we are at is a million times nicer, and based on the amount that our group drinks makes it a cheaper option for them. They should figure this out on their own but how can I make sure they do?
  15. Thanks everyone -- I am hoping most people are having a good time and want to sleep in too!
  16. What are some types of local flowers in Jamaica? I'm wondering if these flowers will be cheaper than non-local flowers?
  17. Hi guys. Is it mandatory to do a farewell brunch for a destination wedding? We are hosting events on thurs-sat with wedding on sat. We are planning an afterparty and I honestly don't expect to sleep that night at all. I'd rather sleep in but is this rude?
  18. Is it proper to include this on the RSVP card? Or should I collect these online? We are inviting everyone to the RH as well as wedding reception and will have choices at both meals. It seems like a lot of text on the RSVP card. I kind of want to keep the RSVP card simple and then direct people to the website to fill out food choices -- but not sure how to word all of this...any thoughts?
  19. Hello. I am sending a formal RSVP card with the invitation in the mail, but also would like to give guests the opportunity to RSVP online. How do I phrase this?
  20. Hello. Does anyone have a list of activities or things to do while in Jamaica? I want to give guests a list of things to do when there are not any wedding activities going on? Would like to post it on the website.
  21. Hello. I am about 6 months out from my wedding and have decided to change the location from Negril to Montego Bay. We are keeping the same dates. Invitations have not yet been sent out but we did send out the STD's and have our website up. Only about 4 couples have booked so far. How best to handle this? Do we just revamp the site and send out the actual invitations with the new information on schedule? Or do we need to do anything else specifically? Do I need to get into detail as to why we are changing locations? (Not happy with management of the current place, plus found a place we just like better and it is cheaper for our guests). I also want to make the process as easy as possible on guests who have booked.
  22. The grand opening rates shouldn't impact the AI. And if they do, they should actually be lower than the ones that they are offering today. Based on the numbers in Neha's email (and the ones on their site now, again assuming no Grand Opening Rate), they have quoted her a rate of $105 per person on the hotel room. So it seems somewhat unclear.
  23. Hello All. I have been communicating with Kerry and it is rather frustrating to say the least. None of the original prices mentioned seem to make any sense at all. The prices on their site for decorations, DJ, cakes, etc. are different than the ones in her current emails. They are also different than the prices if I were to contact some of these vendors directly on my own. Furthermore, there is not really any type of selection or choice of vendors...making me feel like the whole thing is full of kick backs. Isn't a WC supposed to be on your side? I do not feel like there is room to negoiate nor do I feel like they have our best interests at heart. I am not made of money and they are really beginning to piss me off. Anyone else having this experience? Should I just hire another WC that can do the legwork of getting the best vendors at the best costs?
  24. Does anyone know about how this AI option may be priced and when it will be released moving forward? Is it an option or will the entire resort now be AI no matter what? Does anyone know if an how much this will be over and above the pubished rates that we see today? I'm curious because we explored an AI option at this place and I'm wondering what the price is going to be.
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