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  1. Our reception is in Feburary (DW in Jan), so I know how you feel about the chilling temperatures outside and the tropical feel. We worded the dress attire to be beach casual for the reception too...I'm expecting long kakis pants for the guys and the usual wedding dresses for the girls but we'll see. To add the tropical feel we have got a slushee machine for pina coladas etc. We'll see how it goes, not sure how many people are like me and want a pina colada in February.
  2. We just ran into this with our hall. When we got the prices for wine it was $26 a bottle, or $8 corking fee if we provide our own wine...definatly cheaper to get our own.
  3. We are planning on doing a "recieving line" during the cocktail hour and then be introduced by the DJ along with our wedding party..I too I am thinking about the ackward walk to the headtable...lol. We are all wearing our wedding attire again, might as well get the use out of it. We're going to do most of the traditional stuff speeches, dances etc and show the video/pictures from the DW. I think we'll have the pictures play throughout the evening somewhere out of the way but where everyone can see. I like the idea about playing the video before our entrance we were planning to play it during desert...something to think about.
  4. I made seascape gel candles, they weren't that difficult to do just some sand, seashells, blue die and gel. With 50% off coupons at Michaels the gel wasnt as much as I thought. I made 150 of them for $1.74 each. I also made matchboxes to go with each of the candles. Easy to do as well..I bought matchboxes from Dollarama (10 for $1), designed labels with our names, date and logo, printed them off on a full label sheet, cut them out and stuck them on. They actually turned out really well, people who have seen them so far thought I ordered them.
  5. Hi Kat, We stayed in cayo guillermo. The snorkelling excursions were good. We also did the day trip to Moron which is quite a long ride (2 hrs if I remember correctly). There wasnt as much to do in Moron as other cuban cities we have visited but it does give you a more realistic view of "real cuban life". We were annoyed on this excursion however, because we had been told we would be back at a certain time (keeping in mind cuban time) but the tour guide kept adding things to stop at like a crocodile farm to which we had to pay extra. There are not really any good "city" trips from cayo coco area since it is so far off the mainland but I would recommend the snorkeling, catamarans and jeep safaris.
  6. When we go to Cuba along with toiletries I also bring things like suger packets, that kind of stuff they pay a fortune for! Suger, soap etc are seen as luxeries which they must buy with CUC, while they get paid in Cuban Pesos. They must exchange cuban pesos to cubuan convertable pesos (CUC) for those luxery items, therefore losing on the exchange. Just something to keep in mind.
  7. I love your sand ceremony reading! Really like the sand frame too, that may have to be my new mission
  8. Where did you get your TTD from? I'm in Canada so probably too much for shipping but I love it
  9. Really curious if your dress came clean, I'm having a reception when we get home. So I'm thinking about getting a cheap used dress for TTD pics
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I'm wondering if we could do the sand ceremony at our reception when we get back...or if thats out of place/weird or just simply to much. Will have to try and get the FI to decide since I like them both so much.
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