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  1. Hey girls!! Im back as well everything was perfect!!
  2. They just dropped the flowers off .. The ROR hung them
  3. Couple of floral pics Minister under chuppa BM bouquet Bride and BM bouquet Again I highlyyyyyyy recommend Floral Fantasy in Negril
  4. Hi, ladies!! I'm sitting here in the lobby taking advantage of the free wifi and thought I'd make a quick post. My wedding wAs yesterday and it was absolutely gorgeous!!! It was super humid but we made it!! Chandelyn's assistant Roxiana was the best .. She is very good with designing she used everything I brought and will leave for future brides :-) We went with the mento band, huppa, and instead of the poolside reception .. I used the outdoor pavilion they have ... It was setup like a lounge .. We went in town and bought premium liquor (patron etc) and had a minibar instead
  5. Are there are problems with packing all of the medicines or hand sanitizers? If you put them in your checked bag do they need to be in ziplocks?
  6. I'm still here :-) 1 more week for me .. Im surprised we are the only March Brides on here
  7. I have stuff I'm willing to let go at there .. I dont want to have to lug it back home ...
  8. Kerri, My date is 3/13 ..wooohoooooo Love .. I'm going to google that song .. I was listening to some Stevie Wonder trying to pick our first dance lol ..and that pretty much opened the tear ducts ... not to mention everyone else around me being all emotional ... sighhhhhhh Time is truly flying ..every day I get more and more nervous lol
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ddiinnyyeell My wedding shoes were from Betsy Johnson. They were also my something blue! Them on me... Those are sooo cute!! I went with these for the wedding ceremony I got some dyeables for the postwedding activities ..dyed to match the color of BMs dresses
  10. Baj you will love Negril!! It is really paradise .. I had so much fun when I went last year!! This is the start of what seems to be an emotional week for me .. So much happiness and excitement ..
  11. I found plastics one in the $1 bin at Michaels .. they were grouped by themes and they totally didn't match their theme lol there was another aisle of $1+ items .they had the metallic luggage tags and ones that had initials stitched on them
  12. Baj.. Have fun!! Save some sand for the rest of us!! Hi, Girls!! I have been in cram mode .. I lost a whole weekend last week with my bachelorette party lol so I am playing catch up ... I have ordered just about everything I am going to order .. I need to do my OOT bags and that is it .. i will be watching for the delivery man next week ... Still on my to do list: OOT Bags My wedding jewelry On the fence about a hair flower Playlist ..we may end up getting a DJ if we cant get it done .. IDK Oh yeah and get one of those hard shell suitcases I really s
  13. I asked Tai Flora about it months .. and I was quoted ~$2500 to fit 50 people .. that was for the tent, fabric, and paper lanterns ..
  14. I know its not important .. but is there a big difference I have some ivory candles that look really dark.. then I see pictures of white and the light seems brighter IDK .. 2 weeks to go and im falling apart lol
  15. I finally found pics ...too bad I couldn't get this for Saturday night .. due to the beach party ... That is so freakin cute .. Tai Flora is the one to contact ladies ...
  16. Thanks, thats good info! I copied some of the language from somebody else so I wasn't sure but it sounded good
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by jerseykitten i just got my barefoot sandals from Les Yeux de Chat (LYDC) I got those 2 .. they are soo pretty!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by CHAKLIT Good job...I have a quick question tho...did your guests use a TA or not? Just wondering since it looks like their transportation might not have been included in their package. We only had 2-3 guests use the TA ..everyone else self booked
  19. I'm getting a few tracks sewn ..to make my hair more even on the sides .. the back is longer .. and I'm going to the dominicans the day before we leave lol ..no water activities until after the wedding..then I'm going all in
  20. The targets around me can't seem to keep the Tylenol or Advil in stock I'll try dollar tree I didn't think to look in there .. The $60 cart was on minimuz .. since my wedding is in 2 weeks I've gotten alittle on the cheap side lol
  21. items? Is it cheaper to go to a place like Sams Club? The little stuff I have for 25 people is $60 and Im like
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