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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by violetvixen Thought you guys might like to see our pro photos that Sascha Gluck just posted on his blog: Wedding Photographer for Cancun an Riviera Maya Those shots look amazing!!! Good for you! You chose well with your photographer!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by violetvixen Hi Ladies! We leave for Mexico in one week and I have some last minute questions for the already-marrieds! 1) we've hired an outside photographer who is bringing one assistant. We have to purchase half day passes for them. What is the etiquette around providing the photographers' meals? Do I need to pay $55/ pp (silver menu, more than 20 guests) for their meals and set a place for them at our table? or will they eat at the resort once done working since they can access the all inclusive amenties with the day pass? 2) did anyone do a cerem
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by taranyc Hi. I'm using Dorimixx as well. How do I pay for his day pass and food/drinks? Do they just lump it in to the bill? Thank you, Tara Hi Tara! I didn't pay for a day pass at all because I was never asked to. Our reception started later in the evening so I didn't need to pay for dinner either. But I did add on dinner for my photographer last minute and paid for that upon checkout. Hope that helps!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by mexico102 I'm getting married a Dreams Puerto Aventuras. How does it work with hiring your own DJ? Do they make you pay the one nights stay for the DJ? No, I didn't have to pay anything. They were very flexible with DJ's at Dreams Tulum. I just told them who I'd like to hire and they gave me the okay!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Cheri Sold The Mon Cheri gown, but still have the Disney Kirstie Kelly. Sells new for $2300. Make me an offer!!! $650 and it's yours!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by clinicalgal can anyone estimate how much DJ Doremixx charges to DJ a reception? I paid $600 for 4 hours.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by BrideBarbie You looked smokin in that dress! Congrats! Thank you!!!! My groom thought so to!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by taranyc Cheri, thank you for the review. I am so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful time! I can't wait to see photos. Xoxo, tt Hey tt! Having trouble getting pics on here but if you want to find me on Facebook, I have tons of photos posted. Look for Cheri Hettinger. It's such a beautiful place, you're going to love it!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by krista.baird Hi Cheri! Thanks so much for giving your review. I'm so glad you had such a good time. Did you have the symbolic ceremony or legal ceremony? I'm having the legal one and I tried to write some stuff to have added, actually I wrote A LOT! to have added, but they won't approve it. They said I can just add my own personal vows and if I want a hand ceremony, one of my guests can do it Hi Krista! We went symbolic. There are more rules when it's legal. Good luck with getting your vows approved!
  10. Okay girls, here comes my review! Let me start by saying I had the time of my life and my wedding day was a dream come true!!! Take your worries off the table; it's going to be great! I was thrilled at first sight when I saw this resort. It's gorgeous and every employee I encountered was pleasant and there to help. My room was all I could ever want. I stayed in room 8240 and it was perfect. Ocean-front room that overlooked wedding site but still could see action at pools so it felt like you weren't missing anything that was going on. Resort restaurants are all great! We had 41 gue
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ourvm Ladies, I had a question for brides who got married using the 2010 Dreams of Love or Ultimate wedding guide prices. When it lists 20 people staying on the resort, or 20 guests, does this include the bride and groom? If we have 20 guests (excluding bride and groom); therefore, 22 people in total, do you know if we will need to pay the extra per person costs for dinner or is it included in the package prices? Thanks! Yes, the 20 people count does include the bride and groom. So you can have 18 guests plus yourselves. I had the same question
  12. Sold The Mon Cheri gown, but still have the Disney Kirstie Kelly. Sells new for $2300. Make me an offer!!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by CND_Redhead congratulations, it's beautiful dress and whoever bought it will love it! Thank you!! I think so too!
  14. I am happy to say that the dress is sold!!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by MnM2Mexico thx for posting this! I'm a month away, and realized this morning I didn't know how many songs to pick for before during and just after the ceremony. and i love your non-traditional picks. So cool. !!!! Thanks!
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