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  1. There were a few other free ones to pick from. Not to sure if the options have changed. That was one of the options when I got married in 09. I am sure the WC could e-mail you your choices.
  2. We were there a few days befor the weeding, I never seen another wedding, did not notice. But our day was perfect.
  3. Has any one used Photo in press. I am thinking of ordering a few albums from them but want to here if anyone has ordered from them in the past. Make your own Photo Book
  4. our marriage licence was here in under a month. But for the most part I used the temporary license.
  5. Here is ours, much the same as kitty_kat_uk. You can always go to the craft store, wallmart or doller store and pick up a set os vases you like, get them engraved if you want.
  6. I got my french tips done the morning of the wedding, they turned out great. I found it kinda relaxing to get away from everyone "my mom" and have some alone time.
  7. I did mine at Mayfielf Falls, we stayed in Negril the second week. i traveled with it on, we stoped at different places along the way (it is a 1hr drive there). But Dunns is not that far from ROR but you can always stop if the photographer is traveling with you and you want to. I took a change of cloths so I could change after.
  8. If you paln on ordering from Vistra Print check this out you get 6% cash back and they have cupons for free shipping and up to 80% off your order. http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrer...ZJke9hnw%3D%3D You can also get up to 2% back from victoria secret. And up to 10% back from many other stores. Check it out.
  9. Here is the FaceBook Link to some of our pro wedding Pictures Christina Hammel Rovensky's Photos - Pro-Wedding Pictures | Facebook
  10. Here is another link Negril Tours, Things to Do, Day Trips & Sightseeing Tours in Negril | Viator.com Ocho Rios Tours, Things to Do, Day Trips & Sightseeing Tours in Ocho Rios | Viator.com We did zip lining through Chukka Chukka Caribbean Adventures
  11. My man was a workaholic in a different was his job required him to work months strate with no days off,and long hours and when he would get a few off he would get called for a job. But he usuly got 2-4 weeks of in March or April. When we got engaged he was offered a new job with less stress and more days off, but lower pay. He took that job, we seen tomany of the guys he works with miss there life and many getting devorces because of there jobs. Even if he did not quit we would of made it work, I have lived with it for 4 years, and have been in and around this field of work my whole life in one way or another. I went to many family things alone, it was almost like I was making him up. Now he can join me.
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