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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by xiaosie Hi ladies, Any more recent suggestions for hair and makeup in Playa del Carmen? A salon recommendation would be great, or someone who could travel to Tulum or Xpu-ha bay (20 min south of Playa del Carmen)? I've also heard of le BLEUE in Playa from my WC, but they seem very expensive. Thanks! I am interested in what you ladies find out as well! Was there a website that you guys were looking at for Le Bleu? Or do you guys have a list of their services by chance? Thanks!
  2. Great pictures! I love the fire dancers!
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    Make-up and Hair

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    K'osh in Cuba

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    Viva Mexico Wedding! July 2009!

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    New Bride for Barcelo Maya Palace

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    Barcelo Maya

    Hello ladies! We are staying at the Palace but getting married elsewhere and are wanting to have our rehearsal dinner there. Has anyone been successful in planning one?? I have had minimal contact with Tania but she wont give me a straight answer? She just sent me the wedding package information - but we obviously dont need all of that. Also, what are the requirements for outside photographers. Since we are not having our wedding at the Palace we would only need the photog for the "getting ready" part. Will they allow just a guest pass? Any advice??
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    New to Forum- Wedding in Cabo

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    Getting married at Playa Pesquero April '09

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    Newbie- Wedding in Isla Mujeres

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