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  1. Congrats Elizabeth those photos are absolutely beautiful!
  2. Willeme

    Mommies to be check in

    Hi Kitty Kat, That's must be so exciting for you, Congratulations! wow what a great feeling aww! all the best Quote: Originally Posted by kitty_kat_uk Hi Everyone I got married in April 2009 in Jamaica, and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant! We've just had our 12 week scan and just told everybody and we're so excited!!
  3. Wow how beautiful simple yet stunning, and I love your dress! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  4. Willeme

    Mommies to be check in

    Hi ladies, I've been lurking here for a while, I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations to all the new mums and mums to be!
  5. Willeme

    Sarah Sproullie Photobook Review

    your photobook looks amazing!, thanks for sharing I think I'm considering something just like this for our wedding and trash the dress photos!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by nyc_isla_bride Hi, I'm getting married at Privilege jan 2010. I'm curious, were you quoted $110 per person or $110 for a room with 2 people in it and was that their all inclusive rate because they have all inclusive and the european plan which is just the room. I have people who have booked already so I would hate to be paying too much for the room. But apart from that my experience so far has only been positive. Hey there, sorry I haven't kept up with this thread for a while things have been so busy since we got married at the end of August. I'll pop back with a proper review of the Aluxes soon. At the time we were quoted $110 for a room with two people in it and this was on the european plan. As Isla mujeres is so wonderful and varied for sampling some great cuisine we preferred to eat away from the hotel during our stay. I'm sure you'll have a a beautiful wedding, best of luck.
  7. Congratulations! Katie that is a great story, all the best!
  8. Willeme

    7/25/09 Secrets Maroma Beach review

    congratulations! stunning photographs I really love them, it's nice to see a review for a "just us" wedding thanks for that.
  9. Willeme

    August 2009 brides

    Hi ladies I haven't been on here for a while but I just wanted to wish all August brides good luckand congratulations!!. We leave here next week and get married on the 28th....so excited.
  10. such a lovely video and the two of you look amazing!!
  11. Wow Ginalyn your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!, we're having Sascha too next month and our wedding colours are similar. I'm so excited now seeing your pics, congratulations!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by sunshinekc08 I used Winnie Vallejo very resonable & great video http://cjandkatiehart.shutterfly.com/video Hi Sunshinkc08, I think we are considering having a video now for our wedding next month I hope you don't mind but can you tell me what kind of prices Winnie vallejo charges? I've contacted them via the website and waiting on a reply at the moment, feel free to pm me if you prefer thanks.
  13. Congratulations Mariesam thanks for the review, your wedding looked amazing!