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  1. FI and I are trying to nail down our wedding location. We have gotten it down to 2 options - Dreams Tulum or Ana Y Jose Beach Club. I am leaning toward Ana Y Jose because there is so much character at the Beach Club that I absolutely love, however, my REALLY BIG concern is that if it rains the day of our wedding, we will be absolutely screwed. They don't have very good rain options. Dreams Tulum has the new conference center, and overall has much better rainy day options. We are shooting for a July 25 2009 wedding, and my question is how much is rain a concern in July? I've actually been to Cancun twice in July, and I'm kicking myself for not paying attention to what the weather was like. I just remember that there was definitely lots of sunshine, but there also was some rain. I've looked online at weather.com and such, but I'm getting conflicting information Bottom line, rain = Dreams Tulum and shine = Ana Y Jose. What do I choose??
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Erica053009 This is a little off topic but is anyone paying for a group excursion? To be honest, It's not really in my budget to pay for everybody to go on the excursion, plus I figure there's no way that everybody would actually want to do the same one...What I am planning on doing is paying for lunch during the excursion or something like that. Now you got me thinking though, do you think that's tacky that I'm not planning on paying for the whole thing?
  3. Sarah, Quick question for you...I was wondering if the prices you were quoted $/pp included taxes, service charges, etc.? Reason being, I was looking at the tulumswedding.com website for the Ana Y Jose Beach Club, and at the bottom of the menu page it says "Gratuities for all meals served inside the Restaurant is 15%... Service on food and drinks served on the beach is 20% plus 20% for gratuities...Please add 10% tax to all menus" That's a whopping 50% increase if you have a reception on the beach, which of course is what I want to do...
  4. If you click on the "Tours" tab, they give you pricing info. It looks like the base price is $75/person, and then you can add on snorkeling with sea turtles, ziplining, etc.
  5. I was on Tripadvisor the other day trying to plan an excursion for our group in Tulum, when I came across these guys. This is actually ranked the #1 excursion in Tulum, with rave reviews. I looked at their website, and the prices seem pretty reasonable for an entire day of the Ruins and various Cenotes. I would love to hear anyone's opinions if you've ever heard of it before! Jungle adeventures, Snorkeling, cenotes, tropicalretours.com.mx)
  6. I was just on the Secrets Resorts website today, and Silversands is officially open and currently taking reservations.
  7. It's a tough call between #1 and #2. You look stunning in either one!
  8. linzluhu

    Florist for Cancun?

    Does anyone know what Vanessa's Jaimes' prices are like? I'm definitely on a flower budget...but I've heard stellar reviews on her work
  9. Thank you for clarifying...I was having a bit of a blond moment
  10. I liked the second one for sure...I'm a big fan of that material and the color is great
  11. linzluhu

    not having Attendants?

    I love the idea of not having attendants, but I feel like I would hurt a lot more feeling NOT having people stand up in my wedding. I feel like they are spending a lot of money to share in our event, that if they really want to, they should be able to. Do I sound like too much of a pushover?
  12. Great find!! I think they are adorable, and they'll go perfect w/ my color scheme. Thanks!
  13. linzluhu

    Excited to be a "Newbie"!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You've found the right place to get all the information you could ever dream of...enjoy!!
  14. linzluhu

    hello from a newbie

    You've found the right place to get all the information you could ever dream of...enjoy!!
  15. I'm a little embarassed to ask this, but who is Citali? Or is it Citlali? I've never heard of them. I tried to look online, but didn't find anything...