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  1. those are so kewl! I love them.
  2. joesfuturewife

    Ring Shell instead of pillow

    I love that! Its so cute..
  3. joesfuturewife

    Some of my planing stuff

    I love the "we do" so kewl!!
  4. joesfuturewife

    Cabo San Lucas Bride-to-be 2010!!!

    congrats on the baby and the wedding to be..We started backwards too..started with 2 kids, bought a house and now decided to get married..lol happy planning
  5. joesfuturewife

    Picking our Spot!

    I am a newbie too!! Welcome
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    just a quick hello

    Hello!! Just thought I would say a quick hello..My name is Tammy our date is tentively june 20 2009. I want a destination wedding, well it would be more like a family-moon since we already have 2 kids together and just bought a house..We've kept pushing our date back for different reasons. I would love to get married in Hawaii but I know that would be a little expensive so I was thinking mexico, on the beach is a must..otherwise we thought of bringing the island of Hawaii to Iowa..lol Hopefully I can get some help here..