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    New Digital Camera

    I have the Canon SD1000 and it takes awsome pictures. This is my second one and I have had great luck with it! I am currently looking at buying the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS, does anyone here have this camera?
  2. Melissa

    16 OOT bags for sale!

    I know this is a long shot butif you still have any of these available I would be interested!
  3. Melissa

    Brewers Bay Beach St. THomas

    Thank YOU!! I had my concerns about the planes but I was told that they are not an issue until afternoon, I am planning an 11 a.m. wedding.. But I still wondered about that. Now is Lindqvist Bay at Smith Bay Park the public beach by the cruise ship docks? I really appreciate allyour input! I really do not want Megans just because of how busy it is. I was looking for something a little quieter.
  4. Has anyone been here or had their wedding here? We are considering this beach but I do not know much about it.
  5. Melissa

    Family to be making me angry!!!

    Thanks to everyone for all your encouraging words. We are getting Married February 17th so I thought we were giving people pleanty of notice and time to budget this in. My FI keeps telling me we are the only ones who matter and as long as were there it will still happen. Haha Well I plan on being there and last I knew he was too . I agree with everyone family can bring out the craziness in you especially when there is a wedding being planned. This is both our second marriages so we have decided what happens it will be our way and no one is going to influence it! I think it would be easier for me to deal with if it were a money issue for the family but just like some of you said it isn't. Unfortunately my soon to be mother inlaw loves drama and I think that this is now her new fix. See how pissed off she can make the noobie... well she is not going to get the best of me! In the end I honestly think what makes me angry is that my FI's mother and sister have been batteling with his sister in law for years and that was one of the first questions that was asked "will they be attending" - then the other remark that was made was if all the rest of the family would be attending except for his sister then it is not fair because her family could not come - well i can not help that she insists on staying home and not getting a job even though both her kids are in school. The sister is always an issue in EVERY family decision when it comes to anything that has money involved, actually it is always about what will make her happy...Ugh! I thik I am doomed! Good luck to everyone else that is going through something similar I know it totally SUCKS and I REFUSE to let them ruine this for us!
  6. Before we decided to plan a cruise destination wedding we talked to friends and family members the majorit were like count us in blah blah.. well just like I have read on here now everyone is backing out. Well the biggest dissappointment is my in-laws to be. My FI's father called up making excuses about the cost of flights saying that they are $1200 per person, I found flights for $300 per person so my FI called his parents and told them so then his mother called me today and started the conversation out, "I am calling to appologize for not being able to attend my son's wedding! WHAT.....am I not a part of this event...then she went on about how maybe they could have went if his sister would'nt have hd to get a new furnace....ummm and that is whose problem. Then to top it off she asked me 3 times to please not get married in St. Thomas and get married here....NO! She was completely appalled at the fact I told her no! We never planned on his sister and her family going but his 2 brothers and thier families were all in now we are hearing excuses from them too! For goodness sakes it is their son and their brother and they are making excuses! I just feel bad for my FI and it makes me very upset that it is even an issue. Maybe I am being selfish because I want his family there but if they really had a legitimate reason such as they can not afford it we would completely understand but they can all afford this. In fact my FI's mother said she is afraid to drive like some people are afraid to fly and the thought of driving down in Feb and again in April ( because they go down for the whole month of April) made her sick. I say skip the April trip and make it in Feb... but then again that would not be convient for the sister. ARGH!!!! I am ready to scream and I have no one to scream!! I have tried to just brush this off and say oh well you are going to miss a great time but it really hurts me that they do not want to be a part of our special day. Sorry for all the complaining... I just needed to get this out!
  7. I bought these flexiable cutting mats at Ikea you get 2 for $1.98 and this worked great for this tool. I too did one on my diningroom table and let my mark! Yikes!!
  8. Great idea and a job well done! Now you have me thinking about doing one!
  9. Thanks for the awsome find! I have been looking for a waterbottle template!! Thanks for sharing! Melissa
  10. I totally feel for you in all this! We are running into the SAME EXACT thing! But my FI's parents are some of the ones that are complaining! Nothing is more irritating than people all for this DW then coming up with every excuse in the book! I even booked our week when the kids are on Mid winter break and they are STILL making excuses like I do not know if the kids can handle a week on a ship! WHATEVER!!!!! We have decided to just do what we want if people want to come than we will be so happy they are there if they do not than that is fine too but STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Just say we can not make it! I think it is the excuses that kill me! Hang in there and keep counting to 10!
  11. Melissa

    St Thomas brides

    Does anyone know anything about Brewers Bay? We are getting Marrine in February and this is the beach my FI likes but I have not heard anything about this on here! Makes me a little nervous.
  12. I think it would be cheaper to buy these than to make them. I just saw them at a store here in MI ( meijer) on clearance for $2.99 a piece.
  13. Thanks for the website and the coupon code!
  14. Very cute items ! Loved the website