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  1. The Guestbook pages are from the Guestbook Store, I bought a whole book and my guests filled them out at the welcome dinner, it's such a nice keepsake.
  2. Destination Bride book by Lisa Light. (Paid $25 will sell for $10) : Bride and Groom necklace shot glass set, never used. ($1) : Honeymoon Lotto Love Cards, scratch off game. never opened. ($1) :
  3. 2 Clear glass bottles with corks, used for sand ceremony ($1 each) : 11 yards of teal tulle, 6 inches wide. ($5) : Almost 30 yards of 1/4 inch wide natural color raffia ($2) : Just under 1 pound of super fine pastel Jordan almonds ($5) :
  4. You pay shipping on all items, pay through PayPal. PM me with any questions. 17 Guestbook pages (.50 each) : Front Back
  5. We did Couples Swept Away on the beach, it was beautiful. We also had pics in the gardens, gazebo, and different beach locations within the resort. My pics are posted in the Reviews under NJ_Brides Pro Pics. Loved CSA! Just an FYI they changed their outside vendor fee to $500 but talk to your photographer, some will split this with you. Good luck!
  6. We did 2 hours after the ceremony while we took pics. This was perfect b/c we still got to enjoy about an hour of it with our guests. Also we did our 1st dance, and cake cutting during that time. 2 hours went really quick.
  7. Ugh! I had the exact problem. Confronting didn't work, being really nice honest didn't work, asking for help didn't work, nothing worked. I did everything myself. Luckily I had a wonderful bridesmaid who felt horrible and stepped up and did the job of the MOH. Organzed my shower, bachlorette, went shopping for their dresses with me, went to my hair and makeup trials with me, and so on. It honestly feels as if my MOH wasn't even in my wedding, what a waste! If you don't have anyone else to step up, just do it yourself. Just don't do or have something b/c your MOH drops the ball. You are the bride and deserve more!
  8. I had some similar problems and I read an article that said to write out your whole to do list and then go through and pick a few things to ask your FH's opinion or help with. For me, I put him in charge of picking the song for him to dance with his godmother and me dance with my father to, pick his and best man's suits, design, order, and pick up tshirts to give our guests. Guess what, it worked! Most guys don't care about flowers, cakes, invites, ect. By giving him just a few responsibilities that he cared about he did a great job. When the day came to meet with the resort WC he even gave input on food and suggested having a DJ. I would have loved for him to be more involved but every time I asked his opinion or brought up wedding stuff he said he didn't care. Traditionally those details are more important to the bride so i accepted this and just handled that stuff myself. Believe me he will be so shocked and happy with all the details and hard work when your day comes. My husband couldn't believe how I had put everything together.
  9. Hi! I got eaten alive in Jamaica too. Don't think it is seasonal though I knew about these suckers ahead of time and brought Off Skintastic, worked good when I remembered to put it on. I kept forgetting b/c you don't feel them biting you! Also my friend bought some spray repellent oil stuff in the gift shop and it worked great. It had tea tree oil in it. Bugs love me no matter where I am. My hubby didn't get 1 bite!
  10. My husband and I had a similar situation with his brother and his brother's fiancee. Needless to say they did not come although it wasn't over money. I thought the same thing are people gonna be upset he isn't here and blame us? Well while hubby's sister and Dad were upset and tried to make excuses, no one else missed them! Actually people were disgusted with the fact they chose not to come. Trust me you will be much better without them. Good luck!
  11. "The people you love the most, will be among those who hurt your feelings the most as you plan the "Big Day". It's those you least expect that will surprise you with their thoughtfulness and helpfulness." I have never read a more true thought! Almost 3 months after my wedding I still think about that part everyday. Some relationships were changed forever over our wedding. Also agree with the less is more.
  12. Our cocktail party was from 5-7. With open bar and hot and cold apps. For hot there were Spring Rolls, shrimp kebobs and chicken kebobs. As for cold there was everything, cheeses, artichoke hearts topped with bruscetta, nachos, fruits, raw veggies, deviled eggs, olives, nuts, the list goes on. With 50 people the food was almost gone by the end and we had wedding cake too. Here is the thing if it's apps people will pick more over time than they might eat at a sit down dinner. I know I'm guilty of this. Note we also had a buffet style dinner after and people still ate! I say go with a few more foods if you are in doubt, better more than not enough. Best of luck!
  13. Hi Sparkles, You will love them, they are soo much fun!
  14. Here they are, all 500. Hope you enjoy! We are so pleased with them. Kodakgallery.com: Slideshow
  15. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to give a review of Sun Gold Photography. We used them for our December 5th, 2008 wedding at CSA in Negril, Jamaica. We had the digital package which included up to 5 hours of shooting and all usable images on a copyright free disc. I got their name from another CSA bride and checked out their website. They live right in Negril. I loved the photo journalism style as DH and I are not really formal people. They were easy to get in touch with and seemed right on with pricing. Compared to wedding photographers in US it was a steal! I was able to place a deposit to book and then pay in 2 more installments. Paula and Damian arrived at my room about 45 minutes before the ceremony they got pics of me getting ready and some of the details. Damian then headed over to the guys room to get the same. The captured all of the preceremony, ceremony and sand ceremony. We then took group pics on the beach. After that they took Anthony and I off by ourselves to get pics in the garden, gazebo, and back to the beach for sunset. We also took our bridal party for those pics. Afterward they captured our cocktail party with our guests, 1st dance, and cake cutting. We ended up with about 500 incredible pictures. They were very fun to work with and really put us at ease. I would recommend them to anyone. Please PM me with any questions. I will be posting my link to the pics very soon. Jamaica Wedding Photography by Paula and Damian : Photojournalism, Tensing Pen, Montego Bay
  16. Hubby and I are staying home and making Jamaican beef patties and some other food to remember our awesome wedding in Jamaica. We will probally make fondue dessert and have some cocktails. As for gifts we are keeping it small. I'm giving him a framed pic of me from our pro pics which are being delivered today. Also I always make my Reeses peanut butter cup brownies for him on Valentines day.
  17. Hi! my hubby and I are going to Tahiti/Bora Bora for our honeymoon in March. We are staying 2 nights at the Radisson Tahiti then 7 nights at the Boro Bora Pearl in an over the water bungalow then back to the Radisson for 2 more nights. We can't wait! I will give you a full review when we return.
  18. I have one and really don't care for it at all. It was a gift. It does go from wood floors over the rugs but I feel like it gets stuck going in circles and doesn't really pick up that great. Rather use my dirt devil. As far as our carpeted rooms, forget it, it's useless!
  19. Welcome! We are going to Bora Bora for our honeymoon in March. I will post a review for you. We are staying at the Bora Bora Pearl. Good luck!
  20. I ordered a bundle that included a small bag of blue Mountain coffee and a small bottle of Appleton Rum from Floral Fantasies in Jamaica for $12 each. they delivered them to me at my hotel. Floral Fantasy; Flowers for All Occasions from Negril, Jamaica
  21. Hi Aurelia! Welcome to the forum. We just got married on the beach at CSA in December, it was incredible. It was also my 1st time to Jamaica. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Good luck!
  22. Hi! I got one with a cork. Make sure you fill it, tap it down and fill again. I topped with beach sand before we left tehn dripped melted candle wax on top and put the cork in. Carry on with you. It still settled more on the way home but kept the design well.
  23. I think the guest issue is the same as any other wedding. The couple decides if singles are invited with guests or not based on cost and words the invitation accordingly. "And Guest" means any guest of that persons choice. If you think someone might bring someone you don't want there as their guest best not to invite them with a guest. I invited all my singles with guests, some came with, some without. I saw it as an opportunity to included more potential friends. One important note: if someone brings a guest they are responsible for that persons behavior in my opinion. This was a big issue for hubby and I. Luckily we had no issues in Jamaica but I would put that out there. If so and so's date gets drunk and naked at your reception they are gonna hear about it! LOL!
  24. I had an outside photographer under the old rate but contact your photographer b/c i read that many will split this vendor fee with you.
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