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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO Yes, your wedding in Jamaica is legal in the US/NY. You don't have to get married beforehand in the US if you don't want to. Check out this recent thread: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t34975 You have no worries! LOL im not planning on changing my last name. do i have to do anything when i get back to new york from jamaica?
  2. ok this is driving me nuts! ok maybe not. but i have been doing my reseach and i have been getting differnt info. about this. I read you have to fax documents 4-6 weeks prior to your arrival to jamaica and once you get there i have read..... you have to wait 48 hours......others say 24 hours..... then i read this one: Arriving in Jamaica 24 or 48 hours prior to your wedding day is only a formality, not a law. Providing that a Minister’s License was applied for and received on your behalf, you can get married within minutes of your arrival in Jamaica so im guessing the last statement is true? btw.. i live in new york , do i have to do anything when i get back home to make it legal there? thanks
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*petals*~ Idle Awhile is on the 7-mile beach in Negril so that part's not private but the property is really cute. I totally fell in love with it when I went to visit in Sept. There are more resort pics here: Idle Awhile Resort -- Front Entrance (you have to click on each photo to go through the pics. I don't know who the bride is-- I found the pictures in the photo gallery of this Negril Weddings website: Negril Jamaica Weddings.com. They have lots of different weddings at various properties in Negril in their gallery. i read a post from a past bride on trip advisor. i just emailed her and asked her who planned her wedding, she stated the hotel refer her to someone. i like the fact that after the sunset they set up a private dinner for her and her hubby on the beach and enjoyed a bomb fire. do they have bomb fires on the beach every night? since its not an ai. could you recommend some places to dined at other than whats available at the hotel. i read their is a great place across the street call the best in the west. how much is the airport transfer to the hotel? thanks, you have been a great help!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*petals*~ I'm going to Idle Awhile for my honeymoon- I visited the property in September and it is so cute! It's only 14 rooms, but it is private and just so cozy... if I was having a small beach wedding, I'd totally go there. Here are some photos from a wedding there: Negril Jamaica Weddings Photo Gallery - Sharon and Justin omg! lol that location is awsome. thanks so much! i love all the palm trees on the beach! how did you find these pics? is this bride on this site? i didnt get a chance to take a look at this hotels website. hope i like it more than the pics.lol
  5. Hello, Just wanted to say i have emailed a lot of hotels with wedding locations on the cliff and The Caves were the only one to reply to my email and the very next day at that. I asked these hotels if i had to be a guest in order to get married at their property. Kenesha from The Caves said i dont have to be a guest and when i give her all the details she will send me a proposal. Just thought i would share that with you gals. Anyway, i wanted to know if there are any past brides who has had their wedding at The Caves and can share their review and pics on this location? thanks
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by big3n09 Trip advisor has several hotel options you may want to look there and further around on this site. The problem you may run into is your options are going to be limited since you want to bring you own photographer. Most places do not allow it because it's an insurance issue. i know, but i have to have a good photographer. i seen the ai photographers work and it makes my stomach turn. im a photo hore! lol i love beautiful photos. i know some people dont care about the quality of their wedding pics as long as they have some shots of the ocassion, thats just not me.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by NJ_bride We did Couples Swept Away on the beach, it was beautiful. We also had pics in the gardens, gazebo, and different beach locations within the resort. My pics are posted in the Reviews under NJ_Brides Pro Pics. Loved CSA! Just an FYI they changed their outside vendor fee to $500 but talk to your photographer, some will split this with you. Good luck! did your photographer do a split with you? do you know of any who can?
  8. i know for sure i want to have my cermony in negril the beach is soo beautiful. what im stuck on in picking a location. i know for sure i dont want to get married a beaches or sandals because you cant bring your own photographer. i want to have an intemate cermony (maybe 2-4 people but not sure on that yet) on the beach or ocean view at a nice hotel with lots of photo opps on the grounds. can you gals give me some places to look at? if you have pics of your wedding that will help too! you can email me thanks!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Nini_Bride Right now, since the forum went down, we're having a few problems with uploading pictures. Tammy's working out the kinks, but in the meantime you might just have to put some pretty font in your siggy! are they still working out the kinks. my pics are not showing up
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by akh most of us had the deluxe package, but a couple girls did to the intimate package. i think my ceremony was around 6:30 and you have to leave at 10:30 unless you buy an extra hour. i just realized that the other 2 packages have a ocean view setting , not on the beach setting. dont think the las caletas thing is going to happen for me.
  11. would like to know which package you chose? just wanted to know what time did the ceremony started and what time you had to leave the island? thanks
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by akh Here is a helpful thread as well - I believe most of these photographers are from the U.S., but there are a few in Mexico as well. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ographers.html Mellibean - I know you're looking at Las Caletas (have you narrowed the location down yet? I think I've seen you post about a few locations) - but Las Caletas does work with a handful of photographers - I know they're posted in a couple threads, but I can try to dg them up if you need. They actually might already be in the list that's a part of this thread ... http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ographers.html wow!!! thats a list. i recognize some of the photographers i guessing from this websit. i will look into it. but i think im going to lay off it untill i hear a response about the vow renewal thing wish me luck. hope i will be able to to my thing there.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by akh Jamy beat me to it - that's exactly what I was going to say. Typically the groom goes over later with all of the guests - though I know there was someone on here that had their groom and some buddies go over with the ladies in the morning. Marisa maybe? And yes, it's 3 free total - I think I had like 7 people and just had to pay for the extra girls. well one of the girls got back to me about doing the vow renewal thing. so far i know i cant get a fire dancer and will have to do the night package which is seeing that night show. i emailed her to find out if i can come out earlier but i dont have a clue what is going to happen. i asked her about what time will my vow renewal begin? if its late then it is back to the drawing board because i am not down for a night ceremony im keeping my fingers cross in finding out the answer is what i hoping to hear.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne lol, YES! Between the location and date it's been driving me a little batty. But we both really like the idea of PV. I love, love, love the combination of beautiful, lush mountains and good beach/ocean! Also, my Dad was married there so that's special. I remember feeling especially enchanted during my short stay there, albeit many years ago. As for the date, we're thinking Memorial Day might be a good date because ppl will have a long weekend. Ooooh, the details are possibly coming together..!!! do you have a place in mind for your ceremony?
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