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  1. Congratulations, you looked beautiful! Your cake reminded me of our aqua/seashell take from our Hawaii DW. I never get tired of looking DW photos..lol
  2. These are just beautiful!! Love the hanging orchids at your ceremony site and your couples photos look so fun! Congrats!
  3. gina@pixoflife

    Hi Ladies

    Hi Kim, Welcome aboard and happy planning!! DW's are an amazing experience
  4. gina@pixoflife

    Newbie-Destination Unknown

    Welcome to the forum! Those sound like some gorgeous locations to choose from...Happy planning!
  5. gina@pixoflife

    new member - 3 months to go

    Welcome to the forum Wow, that sounds awesome, can't believe you got so many people to join you for your DW!! Happy planning!
  6. I'm sorry,l didn't catch this update and just posted a location in So Cal that featured our work. Could I'll delete that since I only have 40 posts. EDIT...can a moderator delete my post in the So California section, I'm looking but can't see how to delete it. Thanks!
  7. gina@pixoflife

    Los Angeles Newbie

    Welcome to the forum! It can be a hard decision, unless in our case, you are in love with a location so much you couldn't even think about having it somewhere else (we had a Hawaii DW). Of course you can also have a smaller DW and then a local AHR and get the best of both. Happy planning!
  8. gina@pixoflife

    Southern California & Destination Photographer - new to BDW!

    welcome to the forum Stephanie! Beautiful work!
  9. gina@pixoflife

    You will LOVE Kauai!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by TA Dina Was it the Smith family? They do the Fern Grotto cruise up the river as well. There is an ATV Tour to the movie locations that is really fun too. This sounds really cool! We are going to Hawaii again this summer and will be on Kauai in the beginning of August, the first time we went there we did the Helicopter tour but I love movies with Hawaii in them so I may just try the ATV tour this time!
  10. gina@pixoflife

    Valley of the Fire Weddings Thread

    Thanks again girls! I got back their sample album..it was our first time using the album vendor, Graphistudio, this made a stunning album! The bright colors just popped! If any of your photographers offer books by Graphi, definitely check them out, they are worth their price! Hi allaboutodd...yes, there are a lot of great photographers on this forum! I'll send you a pm regarding your questions for me
  11. gina@pixoflife

    Valley of the Fire Weddings Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Christine It was really cool, I knew he was going to pop the question soon, but never in a million years did I think it would be there, he even remembered to have someone take pictures OMG Christine...how cool is that! You definitely have a winner there, to even have in mind to have someone photograph it!! My proposal was my hubby got lost in the snow in big bear on his way home one night from a bar. He called me in the middle of the night when he finally made it to the cabin and said he realized how much he missed me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Not such a planned romantic one, but it was nice to hear none the less...lol
  12. gina@pixoflife

    Valley of the Fire Weddings Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by nikkianddean Those pics were gorgeous....I could look at wedding pics all day. i never get tired of it I think that's partly why I got into wedding photography, I just loved looking at wedding photos so much I wanted to make my own..lol Christine, sounds like your fiance did a good job on the proposal, must have been wonderful!
  13. gina@pixoflife

    Our photographer went MIA

    This title caught my eye...Wow, so sorry to hear that! Does the photographer have a BLOG and have they posted on it during the time you have been trying to reach them? If not, perhaps there has been some sort of emergency or health issue causing them to be away. Though, even when we are away for business or out sick, we have our correspondence set to auto-reply so our clients know we cannot reply right away. I would tend to agree with the others though and may keep my options open.
  14. gina@pixoflife

    Hello Brides! Glad to be joining you!

    Welcome! What a great idea, you get the best of both worlds, a beach wedding and then all the fun of celebrating with your friends and family traveling on the cruise!
  15. gina@pixoflife

    a wedding photographer's wedding...

    Hi Nicole, to the forum