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    Dominican Republic Wedding - new to Forum!

    welcome! Happy Planning!
  2. I love Fox Glove Designs - she does wedding monograms on etsy - you can check out her work here
  3. no problem! I also wanted to recommend a blog called Etsy Wedding "offbeat finds for the eclectic bride" - this blog is awesome! I'm personally obsessed with Etsy, and there are some amazingly inexpensive finds on there, from jewelry to wedding favors, to hair pieces and veils!
  4. Stephanie Williams

    Which Island for my Wedding?

    It depends what kind of vibe and location you're going for because each island is a bit different - for instance, the big island is huge with lots of volcanic rock - oahu is more populated, honolulu is a big city with lots of stuff to do and more turisty - maui and kaui are more tropical and laid back, etc. They are all awesome, but you have to decide what you want in the location
  5. Stephanie Williams

    Newbie here!

    what an awesome location! Happy planning!
  6. Stephanie Williams

    Is Joann Fabrics worth the drive?

    you can always check out online stores - fabric.com has a great selection and major discounts. For really cool patterns try reprodepot.com
  7. Stephanie Williams

    Different songs for each persons?

    usually, there is one song for the entrance of the groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids, and then another song for the entrance of the bride - fading short songs during the ceremony entrance would probably sound too choppy or forced - it's different for upbeat songs during the grand entrance - hope that helps!
  8. Stephanie Williams

    Composting Anyone?

    we compost using red wriggler worms (vermiculture). We bought a system online, and they stay in our garage - there's absolutely no smell, and the worms have been doing fine for about a year and a half. It's pretty cool! We don't have the backyard for a compost pile, so this was the best solution. You can check out the Worm Factory
  9. I just wanted to share this site - it's one of my favs for inspiration, and she has Freebie Fridays where she posts tons of inspiring ideas and free downloads of templates and patterns, printable labels, etc - all gorgeous stuff! You can check out the blog here: Vintage Glam Blog and for all the freebie downloads here: Freebie Fridays
  10. Stephanie Williams


    Bucerias is a really laid back, quaint town with a nice beach. The most beautiful areas/beaches and Villas of Puerto Vallarta tend to be in the South - in Conchas Chinas and South or in the North - Punta Mita and Sayulita. There are hidden gems all over Puerto Vallarta though, like Villa Salamandra in Nueva Vallarta.
  11. Hi! I was there last year at Lori + Richard's wedding and they held their welcome dinner there - everyone was seated under the mini palapas on the beach (about 50-60 guests) and the food was good!
  12. Stephanie Williams

    Southern California & Destination Photographer - new to BDW!

    Hi everyone! I just posted a Puerto Vallarta wedding on my blog, and I wasn't sure if I could share it in the Destination Mexico section on the site? Can anyone let me know if it would be ok?
  13. Stephanie Williams

    Southern California & Destination Photographer - new to BDW!

    Tlseege - Thank your for your kind words. I'm hoping I'll be able to contribute =) Evan Baines - Thank You! I feel that B&W conveys emotion more clearly dinogomez - Thank you for the welcome Dino! jkcz0702 - Thanks for the welcome! you have an awesome wedding website!
  14. Stephanie Williams

    Southern California & Destination Photographer - new to BDW!

    Hi Jenn3878, Maura & biancagwinn! Thanks for the welcome! Maura, do you want me to resize the ones I already posted or is the sizing for future postings?
  15. Hi Everyone! I'm a wedding + portrait photographer based in Orange County, California, but I'm available worldwide + I absolutely love to travel! I've done several destination weddings, and I would love to answer any questions you guys have about bringing a photographer along for your destination wedding. I am very passionate about weddings + life, and I'm absolutely blessed to be able to work with the love of my life, Isaac (by husband and second shooter on all my weddings!). I heard about this site from my friend Kristi Klemens, and what an awesome resource it is for couples planning their destination wedding! Here are a few examples of my work, but you can check out my blog and website for more. I'll be posting a Puerto Vallarta, MX wedding next week on my blog! Best wishes, Stephanie Williams website: Stephanie Williams Photography blog: Stephanie Williams Photography Blog wedding and portrait photography blog