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  1. Reyna finally got back with me!!! We ARE having our wedding at the Del Mar/Beach. Leave on Sunday...I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!! Thanks for all of your help!
  2. Still no word from Reyna!!! I leave Sunday...can't wait but still a little nervous. How hard is it to send an email?!?!?!??!
  3. Ctodd8, Iam getting married on July 3rd and I got my planning worksheet about 2 weeks ago. Reyna emailed me a 3 page document that asked about flowers, number of guests, restaurant choice etc. Since I emailed it back to her, I have been trying to get in touch with her. I have emailed her 2 or 3 times with no reply. I have also been asking if we are going to be getting married at the Del Mar/Beach or Lindo. We leave June 28th. I hope she emails before then!
  4. I am hearing that the Del Mar/Beach is going to be reopening on June 18. Has anyone else heard anything? We leave June 28th.
  5. Bess, I am so sorry for you loss. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!
  6. BBtoB, We are leaving the resort on the 5th and going down the beach to stay in a castia at el dorado royal. I am like you. I am not holding my breath for an upgrade...but I will take it!!!
  7. BBtoB, When are you leaving for Mexico? I am leaving on June 28th. I wonder if we will be upgraded. Our wedding day is July 3rd. Maybe we will see each other. Have you heard anything form the WC or your TA? I wonder if you could get upgraded to the Grand. That would be wonderful. I wish they would let us know soon!! I just got my luggage tags done and they day Paraiso Beach all over them.
  8. Does anyone have a copy of the ceremony script used by the Iberostar resorts. We are doing the blessing package. Did anyone write their own vows? We get married 1 month from today...can't wait! Stina-I loved your pictures. You looked wonderful! I am glad your day was so great!
  9. Kimrae99, I just have to ask...is your full name Kimberly Rae? Mine is...just thought if yours was too that would be pretty crazy! Anyway, Have a great day!
  10. Delmarbride09, Thank you for the map! WOW this place is so overwhelming!!
  11. I have just started to work on my welcome books. I was wondering if anyone has a schedule of events for the resorts. Do they still do paella on the beach? Does anyone have a copy of the beach/del mar resort map? Thanks
  12. trevess, Your pictures are wonderful!!!! You looked so beautiful. Looking at your pictures has really made me excited for my upcoming wedding...July 3rd at the Del Mar. Did the resort do your flowers? I love the orange roses! Thanks again for letting me look at your pcitures. Kim
  13. Danielle, Congratulations and welcome back. I am so glad to here that everything worked out so great for you. You looked absolutely beautiful! I love the 2 dresses!
  14. trevess, I really like canopy you used! The starfish were a nice little touch. Did you have to bring the white tulle? Was your dress ivory? Mine is. I was a little worried about it...after seeing your pictures I am totally at ease! Your pictures are great. Is there a link to the rest of them? I would love to see them. You had a really nice sized group. Thanks, Kim
  15. The wedding coordinators from the Beach/Del Mar have finally gotten back with me...it only took about 3 weeks. They sent me the wedding details worksheet to fill out...Any suggestions on the restaurant for our dinner? I was thinking either the Brazilian or the Steakhouse but the Tropical may work too. We are getting married on July 3rd. Do you think it will be too hot and uncomfortable to eat at an open air restaurant? Also, does anyone know if you can use the canopy that the Lindo has? I hate the arch that I have seen in some of the pictures.
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