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  1. I have actually been in touch with Nikki regarding her wedding.. she couldnt give me much information, and kept directing me directly to the wedding coordinator at CDC, but they are soooo slow over there.. CDC is the ultimate in DR for a wedding.. but it is expensive.. if you have a small wedding, its not so bad, but we're expecting over 100 guests, so dont think it will be able to happen there! =(
  2. Dreams is most definitely more affordable for a wedding.. although Casa de Campo weddings are top notch!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by blackcatvg Hey thanks so much guys for the info! Sorry if I seem like a meany for not responding, I've been so tied up with school exames and work at my dad's store. I haven't been able to look at this thread for a while. And to be honest I was sold on fersobes site myself, my dad is a photographer so I knew exactly what I was looking for the instant I saw it. I actually got in contact wit them since and got some info so if anyone else wanted some info u can pm me and I'll forward what they gave me. And thanks laybar for the tip about the videographer I'll be sure to check him out! No worries on not responding! could you pm whatever info you got from jochy fersobe? i want to see if its the same that i got (but mine isnt electronic).. i'm so excited for you! my wedding date is tentative.. we originally were thinking 2010 but in order to save more, we're pushing it to 2011 =o, so i have awhile to go.. ugh. lol
  4. oh also.. another similar photographer to Jochy in DR is Daviel Taveras.. he's based out there as well as Miami. he does great work. Here are a couple other Grupo Filmico wedding videos: Login | Facebook Login | Facebook
  5. I am from Dominican Republic and i'll tell you that Jochy Fersobe is one of the TOP photographers in DR. He is actually based out in Santo Domingo, but can travel the few hours it takes to Punta Cana. When I was in DR last month for a cousin's wedding, I actually went to visit his studio & his pics are AMAZING!!! His website does not do him justice whatsoever. Actually, I didnt understand why all my friends & family crazed over Jochy Fersobe based on his website, but when i checked out his work in his studio, i said YES!! This is exactly what i want my pictures like.. he's a photojournalistic photographer. His highest package is about $3300 from what I remember (I have his paperwork @ home) & I think that includes an informal session (i.e. engagement session) as well as what they call a 'sesion de novios' which is basically like a TTD. LIke i said, this is his most expensive package & he has other ones that start out at $1600. As for photsouvenir, they are based out in Punta Cana & most people travelling into Punta Cana will use them. I dont have any experience with them, but I've seen some pictures & seem to do a good job. I just LOVE Jochy Fersobe though! P.S. Jochy also does video, but i personally wasnt ecstatic about the video.. if you're looking for video.. check into Grupo Filmico.. they are awesome! They're also based out in Santo Domingo, but can travel as well. Alejandro is the contact & he's awesome & makes you feel super comfortable. you can do a search for the company on google & find them or i think it might just be GRUPO FILMICO - Videos profesionales para todo tipo de eventos.. or actually check them out on youtube: YouTube - Grupo Filmico 1 - Bodas They can personalize it with whatever music you'd like as you can expect. They can also do everything in HD as well as Blu ray (much more expensive). Let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. I'm a member & love project wedding.. you can save all the photos you like easily!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by dolfinluck I just emailed stuff i have gotten from the WC, hope this is what you are looking for. I dont know about the Catholic church, i'm catholic but FI is not, but i think there is another thread on here with info about it. I received.. thank you so much!! I also got it from Vallie as well.. BDW girls are awesome!! =)
  8. Does anybody have the pricing for the private reception events?
  9. Do you ladies know anything about getting married at the Catcholic Church at altos de chavon & then going back to the hotel for the reception? the wedding coordinator @ dreams la romana hasnt gotten back to me & its been weeks. also, can either of you email me the pricing list to laybar2143@yahoo.com? thanks girlies! =)
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