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    My Riu Palace review

    Our wedding was april 30th 2008 At the riu palace. We had a small wedding (10 in total) It was perfect for us. I personally orderd my flowers & cake & did not use what the hotel provides. I ordered my flowers from Cabo flowers & had them delivered to my room, they were exactly what i wanted & beautiful. My 3 tier mini wedding cakes were made by Jennifer Hatton (Cabo dessert Diva). She did an excellent job! the cakes were a huge hit with our guests. Great idea for a smaller wedding, At $30 a cake you don't want to have to order too many. Riu was charging $60 per bottle of champagne & we thought we could get it cheaper, we went to costco (yes our cards worked) Champagne is not as cheap in mexico. We got Moet for around $54 per bottle so really not saving to much. Riu has a corkage fee for bigger groups of $20 per bottle if you are bringing in your own. We did not have to pay this. We used the hotels photographer, His name is Gabriel Garcia, He is starting to go out on his own. We are very happy with our photos & would definately recommend him. Our pictures were all ready in 48hours & we got to bring then home with us in a nice leather album, as well as a disc with all our pictures on so we can do what ever we want with them. He was alot of fun. Our reception dinner was at the Gourmet restaurant....all i can say is gross! The food was not good, between 10 of us we all had something different & only 2 people liked what they had. The japanese restaurant was really good. Steak house not so much & the mexican restaurant was not so good either. The buffet always had something good you could find. Our group was taking turns geting sick & we think the seafood was one of the causes. Our room was nice & clean. House keeping stole some of my m.a.c. makeup from our bathroom & no one really gave a shit. I filed a complaint & I'm sure they filed it in the garbage as soon as i left. after that don't laugh but i stared putting my makeup in the safe. We also kept our do not disturb sign on the the door....But guess what every day they would still come in & my bustier went missing on one of these occasions. Almost every night we were there they had the same entertainment......YOu would think if you drank enough it would not matter but it did. We went to the bars in Cabo a few times and had a great time. I wasn't carzy about the wc ( Daniela) but her assistant Monica did a great job, and was so nice! I will post pictures as soon as i get that figured out. Over all we did still have a great time, We would all go back to Cabo but i think we would stay at another resort.
  2. Indecisive Bride to be

    Costco for Champagne?

    I was married in Cabo at the Riu on april30th, we thought that they were charging wat to much for champagne so we went to costco, We are from Canada & our costco card worked. We bought Moet And i think it was just over $50 per bottle. It was good & our guests liked it too. Compared to what our hotel price was we did not save much per bottle, maybe $8. We talked to some locals & they said champagne costs alot in mexico & costco was probably our best bet.
  3. Indecisive Bride to be

    Riu pics

    What are your prices? do you do packages? We are only looking for acouple hours. I've seen your pics before and you do beautiful work! Thank you!
  4. Indecisive Bride to be

    Riu pics

    Hey! I'm getting married april 30th. I was planning my reception at Sunset Mona Lisa but have now decided on doing it at the hotel....If you can wait until then i will take pics for you. We are getting married at the gazebo over looking the ocean and i think we will have our dinner on the mexican terrace. We have a small guest list so it's easy. We are not planning on doing it private...I will let you know if i regret that or not. Not sure if you are getting a cake out side of the hotel?? I'am using Jennifer Hatton Of CAbo dessert diva. & for flowers i'am using Cabo flowers both are awesome to deal with!.
  5. Indecisive Bride to be

    Insuring your Engagement Ring

    We have everything insured thru the same company (1 house,2 vehicals, 1 travel trailer & 1 quad ...& now my ring thru the same company) and we are still paying almost $700 Per year!! What do you do what if something did happen to your ring could you pay to replace it.
  6. Indecisive Bride to be


    Mine....I Hate my FMIL! so much that instead of having the wedding i ultimately want with everyone there i decided on a DW. The people that are coming with us don't even know becouse i can not risk her finding out & showing up. (she would do that, uninvited & un-announced). When my Fi said he would have to invite her if we had a wedding at home i made my decision. Seriously I'm convinced she is the root of all evil. And she is going to be so mad when she finds out & she was not there! Ok maybe i'm evil.
  7. Indecisive Bride to be

    Corset or cups???

    I'm getting cups put in my dress and i'm a DD. Try with 1 set of cups then 2 sets of cups...to see the difference. i know it sounds crazy but if you have a large chest what the hell is one set going to do? plas who wants to wear a corset when it's totally hot
  8. Indecisive Bride to be

    how to skip a period???

    Can you take a morning after pill ? That makes you get your period doesn't it?
  9. Indecisive Bride to be

    Just engaged and thinking Riu Palace - Cabo

    We are getting married at the Riu April 30th 2008. I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews. I have had no problems so far with planning and Daniela always responds to my emails within a day or two.
  10. Indecisive Bride to be

    SMALL wedding...

    We are having a small wedding as well with 8 including us. The ceremony is going to be at 4 and pictures until 6. After have acouple drinks Followed by dinner & cake. After that i was thinking we would go out Is that wrong to go out on your dress?? To a Lounge or bar? I want to have fun.
  11. Indecisive Bride to be


    We are having our reception dinner at SSML & now i'm freaking out. I will be sure to keep all emails from Emma. I hope things get figured out soon for you! Best of luck & keep us all posted.
  12. Indecisive Bride to be

    Mini wedding cakes

    Hello Ladies! I thought i read something on here about a bride in Cabo who had mini wedding cakes Does any one recall this? Thanks for your help! Lisa
  13. Indecisive Bride to be

    Cabo Flowers

    I think Donna used to work for the flower cart? I'm using CAbo flowers for my wedding.
  14. Indecisive Bride to be

    Fondant Verses Buttercream

    i've been looking for a cake decorator in CAbo & see you have one , would you pass on her contact info or does she have a web site i can look up? Thank you so much! Lisa
  15. Indecisive Bride to be

    Arch for beach ceremony

    I really like the pictures of Mayes set up. Where can you find out about renting this? Thank you!