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  1. That sounds sooooo good!
  2. ACPenn

    Cool Dreams Los Cabos video!

    Oh my god that's amazing. I was wavering about booking there but think I will now!
  3. ACPenn

    New Bride for Mexico 2009!

    Hi Johanna! Welcome I just joined yesterday and everyone here is so nice and has so much information!! Looking forward to chatting.
  4. ACPenn

    Just engaged and thinking Riu Palace - Cabo

    Hi Sarah. I was just on the budget page and saw lots of extra costs - did Dreams end up costing a lot for you and your guests? I'm looking more into Dreams and it's gorgeous!
  5. ACPenn


    Hey Nicole or any Cabo Dreams bride - can you give me an idea of how much things cost above and beyond the wedding packages? I know the 'Ultimate' is $2650 and then another $28pp. Are your estimates above and beyond these costs? Thanks - I know it's cheaper than NY but it's still daunting!
  6. ACPenn

    Just engaged and thinking Riu Palace - Cabo

    Yes- it is definitely making me look closely at Riu. Have you heard of what room discounts exist if you book for a group? I can't find anything that talks about rates (but am a newbie and still exploring)
  7. ACPenn

    Just engaged and thinking Riu Palace - Cabo

    Wow - this is really detailed - exactly what I needed. Thanks. There seems to be a lot of information about Riu, which is fantastic.
  8. ACPenn


    Welcome! Congratulations
  9. ACPenn

    Just engaged and thinking Riu Palace - Cabo

    Aww thanks everyone! Can't wait to get to learn more about you!
  10. Hi everyone!! My name is Ann and I just got engaged to Andy. We're thinking the Riu Palace in Cabo for Memorial Day weekend of next year (but we're just beginning planning and pricing- so any advice would be welcomed!!!) Can't wait to get chatting with you!