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  1. Are you prepared for the possibility of a last minute backing out by this friend? If that doesn't bother you, if you are not one to go totally berserk because you are short one bridesmaid, then I think you should ask her just as you planned. Your sensitivity to her situation is what good friends is all about.
  2. This is a wonderful idea. I would only add that I hope the box would never have to be opened. Another thought I have is that you should be sure to store this in a way to ensure that the wine doesn't turn. OMG, Can you imagine having a big all-out blow up of a marriage-threatening fight, and decide to open the wine and read the love letters? You open the box only to find the wine has turned to vinegar. Well, I don't think even the best of love letters could overcome that omen.....LOL.
  3. Are you close to your fiance's daughter? Do you hope to be? I think it's wonderful that you initially wanted her to be your Maid of Honor. What a truly special way to start your new family. I'm sorry, but I think that you should keep her in that position of honor. In a couple of years you may not even be talking to the girls who are close friends now, but your future step daughter is going to be in your life forever. Is it really worth it to risk hurting her feelings?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jenninjamaica I found this dress online.I think its gorgeous but I don't know if I could pull it off! (I'm such a simple girl!!) Jenn, I love this dress. Who makes it? I don't know what your concerns are about pulling it off. You say you're a simple girl, so you're not looking at dresses with lots of beadwork and elaborate detail. I think this is a stunning, hot wonderful dress. You should try to find it and try it on.
  5. Ooh, I love that dress, too. Can you ask your photographer to ask the bride? I hope if you do find out you'll post it here.
  6. I'm planning to make my own, as well. I think there are some sellers on Etsy, also. Actually, this thread just reminded me to have a practice session. I'll get my fiance's 17 year old daughter to make some, too. It'll be fun.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by mandieweez Thanks again Petunia. Where are you having your wedding and reception on St. Thomas? Mandie, we'll be having our ceremony on Limetree Beach. That's where my sweet man dropped his knee in the sand and proposed. I've also stayed at the resort there since 1997, since I am a timeshare owner there. As far as the party following the ceremony (I don't want an official "reception"), we haven't decided. We'll be going back in August for two weeks and will be checking things out more closely. I would love to do a Coral World party, but the cost is $2500 for the site alone. It would depend on the catering.
  8. I quit smoking on April 11. My fiance quit 3 weeks before I did. His success and relative ease was a good motivation. He was using the patch. I found that New York State was giving away a free patch starter kit, so I signed up. The starter kit sat in a drawer, out of sight. Then, on April 11 the skies opened to torrential rain. I had 4 cigarettes. I smoked them in halves, giving me 8 smoking times that morning. At last I was out and it was still pouring. I put on the first patch and haven't had a cigarette since. I'm hopeful I never will. For me, it's a little bit different. I'm quite a bit older than most of you. This is the first time I've ever quit, but I've been smoking for 42 years. I was smoking at least two packs a day. I could no longer breathe, living on Mucinex and waiting to be one of those old ladies who walk around with hoses in their noses attached to tanks of oxygen. Noooooooooooo! What hurt me a lot, too, was that I could no longer sing. Not that I ever really could do it well, but I just loved to sing. Now I'm breathing a whole lot better and singing my heart out. My goal is to learn to scuba dive. Yeah! But now I need someone to follow me around slapping food out of my hands. Ugh.
  9. Crystal, where will you be staying on the island? Here is my favorite St. Thomas map: St. Thomas Map - St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands This is the map that is handed out by the car rental companies when you pick up your car. The major roads are color coded on the map. There are "Tommy Starfish" signs colored to match the code. (e.g., green Tommy Starfish route goes from downtown Charlotte Amalie to Magens Bay.) I would recommend Red Hook for your Wedding Eve party. There are plenty of places there for partying. For a wild evening, I think Duffy's Love Shack would fit the bill. There's also Caribbean Saloon, Molly Malone's, XO, and some others. Plenty of places within walking distance if you want to separate the men and women. I heartily recommend, however, that, you rent a taxi for the evening. The roads are too narrow, twisty and hilly for folks who've been out drinking to experience on the night before the wedding (or any night), especially since they drive on the other side of the street.
  10. Hi Mandie! I've only dinner at Agave Terrace, and it was wonderful. I'm sorry I can't help you with their event service. You might want to consider Blue Moon Cafe also. (Blue Moon Cafe - St. Thomas US Virgin Islands). I've read reviews of weddings and parties there, and they've always been favorable.
  11. Crystal, all I've ever seen at Magens Bay is the public restroom. Your wedding coordinator should have that information for you. I think your TTD plan is great fun! You're smart to take most of the pictures before the ceremony so you don't have to worry about losing the light before the photographer is done. That's a tidy little schedule you've got there. I'm impressed.
  12. I'm a little late to this thread, but I had to vote. I hoping to have something similar for the party after my ceremony. I'll be getting married in the Virgin Islands and high on my list for the menu is a West Indian Buffet. I guess I'm taking the idea of a destination wedding to the limit. It just sounds like so much more fun than the traditional beef, chicken or fish. Go for it!!
  13. Missduckie and Deb, it's almost here!!! How exciting! Have perfectly wonderful happy weddings, girls. I hope you'll be getting back to us with details when you return. So little is ever written on this forum about St. Thomas weddings. Pictures would be great, too
  14. I love that dress! If you've got the body to pull it off as a 40-something, then absolutely go for it. That dress is amazing! This 50 something, who will be a 60 year old bride, will be lucky to find a big burlap sack to cover all the sags and lumps and bumps that the years have added. I will be bride #3 for for my fiance, too, although this is my second wedding.
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