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    I made it!

    Welcome from yet another Canadian! Hoping for a snow day tomorrow!!
  2. Thanks for posting them here. You looked beautiful! Everything looked great! Congratulations
  3. Olive

    ~*cancun Wedding*~

    Welcome! You will find a wealth of information here. Dreams Cancun is a BEAUTIFUL hotel, in the perfect location and the Oasis is the type of hotel that “spring breakers†stay in. Keep in mind you can’t please everyone and choose a location that will fill the bill for your wants and your guest’s needs.
  4. My opinion…days of the week don’t mean much when you’re on a beautiful beach! When you think back to a great vacation you never woke up and said ahhh it’s Monday…you said ahhh it’s a perfect day! If the flights and price work out best for your guests then I would take the Monday.
  5. Olive

    Hi Everyone :)

    Welcome! You'll find answers to questions you didn't know you had!
  6. Amy thank you so much for the menus! Lisa we need your 2 cents that’s why we’re here! The coffee I so looked forward to this morning just isn’t doing it for me now…maybe a little Kahlua?
  7. Olive

    hello everyone

    Welcome! You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find a wealth of information here on all aspects of your planning.
  8. Olive

    I'm new here and just sharing details

    Welcome! You'll find alot of useful information here. Past Brides have been extremely kind in leaving very detailed reviews. Take your time a read as much as you can here. I would also suggest you look up your hotel on Trip Advisor.
  9. Olive

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! I'm surprised that name was available as well! Time is moving just a little too quickly! Hope you find everything you need.
  10. Olive


    Welcome! There is so much info here to help you make a decision but you may start with deciding if you want and AI resort or not. Keep in mind you can't please everyone.
  11. Olive

    Future Ocho Rios Bride

    Welcome! You'll find so much information here!
  12. Olive

    Hi Extreme Newbie On Board

    Welcome! I too have never joined a forum of any sort! You'll find so much information here!
  13. Olive

    Newbie Here!

    Welcome! You'll find soooo much information here!