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  1. If you had to buy the bottles online, they would cost $1 or more, so you do save some money by recycling your own. Starbucks bottles work too. I like the rustic look of all of this used for the actual invitation because it is something unusual and different than printed invitations. I really like your wood tag on the bottle.
  2. Emily&Matt

    My mom wants to be the photog...

    I agree with all those suggestions. She doesn't want to have to remember your wedding from behind a lense. Then just hire someone and let her know the pictures are all taken care of. I think she just wants to be helpful and feel needed. Can she help with something else?
  3. Emily&Matt

    let's start a MIL from hell thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by michelle6114 Yeppers, she contributed not one single cent to our wedding. Didn't even thank me for the oot bag or expensive favors I had made up. My family is fuming about the whole thing. They spent money they didnt have to come to JA with us, and had to listen to this obnoxios woman brag about her cruises, lexus, how much her gaudy dres cost, ect. They are telling me not to plan on having any joint holiday dinners anytime soon. I feel horrible for my husband. I still want to hear stories, ladies!!! Wow, what amazes me is what a good attitude you seem to have. I can't imagine dealing with someone like that. I wouldn't want them around at all and wouldn't have even invited her. I don't have any relatives or in-laws to be who are impossible to deal with in my life and I thank God for that!
  4. Very crisp and clean looking & professional. I really like anything with sand dollars. Great job!
  5. You could always look at it like this: Gifts can be expensive, depending on what people put on the registry. Some people are reasonable, some have very expensive taste. If you give a check, you can write it for whatever amount you want to give, instead of trying to find a gift in that exact amount. Oh, yeah, I think they are tacky, but I'd follow their tacky rules to my own advantage and give them whatever I wanted to give, not what they might be expecting.
  6. Emily&Matt

    FMIL trying to stop wedding!

    I hope you have a fabulous day and all your dreams come true! Be sure to let us know how everything went!
  7. Emily&Matt

    FMIL trying to stop wedding!

    Quote: Originally Posted by sherric80 The inlaws (outlaws lol) called the travel agent & made reservations to come to the wedding. They plan on staying at week! And then they decided that they should plan a rehearsal dinner without consulting me. My FI thinks that they are trying to be nice & show support & I think they are ignoring our request that they not attend the wedding. They have done this before. When we ask them not to do something they do it anyway no matter what anyone else's feelings are. I went to our counselor to try & sort out my feelings & he thinks that all will end in disaster if the inlaws stay a week. We have never even survived a weekend with them & now somehow we have to survive 4 days before the wedding & 3 after. They have already said they plan on spending every second they can with us. We said that we have things planned & will be spending time with other guests so they said they will just tag along. I think I am going to have a mental breakdown, or maybe already have. What a nightmare! I know without any doubt that our relationship will not survive a week with them. I don't know if we will survive the 4 days before the wedding. My FI becomes a different person around them. He is negative, lashes out, blames everyone for stuff, & completely reverts back into a carbon copy of his parents. When he is away from them & hasn't talked with them he is the complete opposite. He is very positive, caring, always trying to help others. It is like watching Jackyl & Hyde sometimes. As for the question about moving far away after the wedding - we already live over 1000miles apart!! You would think with all that distance we wouldn't be having so much trouble! We have an appointment with our councelor on Tuesday to see if he can make my FI realize we need BOUNDRIES! That are strictly enforced. OMG I feel like I am marrying 3 people instead of 1. Jo&Daz 20-10-2010 - Please tell your mother thank you so much for her kind words & wisdom. She is a much stronger person than I at the moment. I am having a hard time with my FI continuing a relationship with his parents because of the way they treat me. I feel like he is telling them it is ok & he will still see them no matter how mean they are to me. I am struggling very hard with my feelings on that. OH, please consider long and hard what you are getting into. This is a huge red flag for your future. He is going to see them no matter how mean they are to you? He is putting them ahead of you and no matter how long you are married it will get worse. Already your wedding planning is going from bad to worse. Please be careful and get good advice from people you love and trust if you should marry this man.
  8. Emily&Matt

    FMIL trying to stop wedding!

    I hope your husband-to-be can leave his son-of-mother-and-father role behind him when he gets married. His parents are obviously controllers and they control him. They are losing control to you and that's why they hate you. You are gaining "control" over THEIR son. They think they own him. This is all about his relationship with them and only he can handle it. Things will never be the same for him & his parents. If he could realize this right now, it would help him see that he has to go forward with his wife and leave his parents behind. Try to help not have to think he is "choosing" between you and them. He is a man and is married a woman. It's his life. They don't OWN him.
  9. Emily&Matt

    Cat owners: Indoor or outdoor or both?

    We have both indoor and outdoor cats since we feed & spay/neuter strays. They say indoor cats have a lifespan of 12 years and outdoor cats have a lifespan of 4 years. I think that is pretty much true....so if you can keep your kitty indoors, it will live longer.
  10. Emily&Matt

    Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill- please sign!

    Thank you for posting and making us aware of this. I had no idea and I am brokenhearted about it.
  11. Emily&Matt

    Making you hands look nice - tip from a hand model!

    Interesting tip! I think you should post a poll: "How many will raise their hands in the air for several minutes after reading this post?" )