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  1. If anyone has photos of this restaurant, Puerta Vieja, i would love to see them. I'm trying to decide if it could work for our Welcome Dinner. please email me at chicagopuja@gmail.com or post them here! it would help immensely! thanks! puja
  2. Do you have contact info and photos of Margarittavilla? Thanks! Puja
  3. Anyone have any contact info or website for La Fonda Restaurant? Thanks! Puja
  4. i am very frustrate with the hilton's team, too. i signed my contract thinking that emeline was our wedding coordinator, when she left weeks later, i never thought the transition would be so difficult.....and that i'd have to go from emeline to mara to jaira.... what is the deal? it sounds like some of you had emeline act as your sales manager and wedding coordinator? is this true? what has been her role at the hilton? i thought she would be my wedding coordinator and have been disappointed with her replacements. any info would be great! please email at chicagopuja@gmail. or send me a private message. thanks, puja
  5. yes, we are. we have a group of about 150. can't wait to see you there? how is going? we have had a horrible time with the the wedding coordination team the hilton? anyone else experiencing the same? puja
  6. I was quoted $240 in may!--and we are having 125+...how did you get this rate of $195? it's not even off-season! please tell us more! puja
  7. Hi everyone, we are looking for a restaurant on the beach to do our rehearsal/welcome dinner. any reccs? i know of baja cantina and tabasco club? if you can give me the atmosphere of the places you know and the food. we want great authentic mexican food, a casual atmosphere, and hope to have a place that has entertainment (possibly mariachi trios of bands playing). we'd like to also be on the beach. thanks! puja chicagopuja@gmail.com
  8. Hi, I'm getting married the same day as you. I'm bringing all my own vendors. Thanks--see you there! Puja
  9. Just noticed you are getting married on 5/25/08 at the Hilton, KPulse--So am I! See you there! Talk soon, Puja
  10. Does anyone have contact info for Fire Dancers. I am really interested in that as entertainment. CHicagopuja@gmail.com Thanks, Puja
  11. If you find out any details, please forward to me. Chicagopuja@gmail.com. Would love to know more! Thanks, Puja
  12. Hi Mia, I am getting married at the Hilton in May, and yes, I'm getting stressed, too--I feel your pain. I am am happy to trade our Hilton experiences off-list...i'm at chicagopuja@gmail.com.... But I have decided that I'm not using any of their vendors. What I've found is that the Hilton keeps telling me that this and that will be taken care of and that at my site visit they will go over everything....but i know the catch is if i wait til then: 1--all other vendors will be booked 2- if they don't help me now by email, they think i will wait til the site visit, and be left with no other choice than to go with their vendors and break the bank. why? b/c they assume i won't do my own homework. we have to be smart and go on our own. i found out today they had booked a dj for my wedding without telling me and without telling me the price. i don't know why they assume we have endless amount of money...they sent me cake photos with no prices? it is ridiculous. really frustrated, puja
  13. Hi everyone, First, I just want to send a GIANT thank you from Los Angeles for all your help...I have not posted much b/c I've been totally consumed by reading all your fantastic advice. I don't know what I would have done without this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you! As I have mentioned in my intro, I am doing a traditional East Indian wedding in Cabo. I am in the process of finalizing vendors and I would love some advice on rates. As many of us are, I'm trying to work on a budget. That is why I'm reaching out to you all now. If you don't mind and feel comfortable, could you please email me off list or through this thread, what should I expect to pay for the follow services for the wedding day? And perhaps include how this worked out hourly, as time equals money and most vendors are giving out rates based out how long they will be there. If you don't know the hourly rate, maybe a rought estimate of how long the vendor was there, ie--just the evening, or afternoon and evening, or 8 hours.... The vendor rates I'd like to compare with those of other brides are: Photography Videography DJ Flowers If you'd like to share any or all of these, please email off list at chicagopuja@gmail.com or reply to the thread. I really appreciate it and thank you for your time. Again, I'm trying to work on a budget, so if the sky was the limit for you, your reply would be appreciated but not helpful. If you were trying to stretch your dollar and get the best services at affordable rates, then I would love to hear from you. Thank you! Puja
  14. is there a fee for bringing in your own vendors to the hilton? mara or emeline never mentioned that to me. ?? any hilton brides know?
  15. I am very interested in having some live music at either our Rehearsal Dinner or Reception. If anyone has any suggestions, please post! Would love someone to play some Gypsy Kings and other flamenco-flavored music. Thanks!
  16. Hi everyone, I'm new to the list. Getting married in Cabo in May. Kinda freaking out right now. I never knew how much went into this. It's a traditional East Indian wedding and ceremony, which should make for an interesting mix of cultures between being in Mexico and the diverse party we have. Anyways, any tips would be very helpful. right now I really need a photographer....if anyone has any suggestions, i would really appreciate it! Also, looking for a make up artist and videographer. Thanks, Puja Chicagopuja@gmail.com
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