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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Tamster808 Thanks for the review. There are not many cruise brides here. I am getting married on Monarch of the Seas in Port Canaveral April 17. I am so worried about the timing of everything. Plus, I have heard horror story about the wedding experience. Did you guys just book an hour reception? That is all I was planning doing but I am afraid that is not enough time. Don't worry, the one hour reception was plenty! Make sure you take plenty of pictures, since the normal wedding package is very expensive!
  2. My Beautiful daughter, Dayi and her now husband Lenny, celebrated Their wedding on board the Norwegian Sun on April 19th, 2008. It was fantastic! The people at The Wedding Experience did a great job, and made sure everything was taken care of down to the smallest details! We had a total of 150 guests, 128 sailed with us and the rest atended the Ceremony and then disembarked. Needless to say the WC had their hands full getting all of us on board. Normally Cruise Ship Weddings are limited to about 25 guests, but since most of ours sailed, we were able to get an exception with NCL. The Wedding Experience did charge for one additional Wedding Coordinator for each 25 guests at $150 each - but they earned their money with our large group. We had Priority Boarding at the Port of Miami, which meant we got to board the ship at 11:00 am (two hours before the official boarding time of 1:00pm) Sailing guests were given their room keys and were able to drop off their carry-on luggage. Non-sailing guests were escorted to the Observation Lounge, located at the front of the ship, while the Bride was taken to her Suite where she got dressed. The actual Ceremony took place at 12:30 and was performed by an officiant included in the package. He did a very nice job, keeping the ceremony short, but nor rushed, and even including a prayer as requested by the Bride and Groom. After the ceremony we had a Cocktail Reception, which included a champange toast, cutting of the lovely cakes (there was a white Strawberry-Rum-Cream cake, and an all chocolate groom's cake). The DJ played music for the Couples first dance, the Bride-Father and Groom-Mother dances. Music continued to be played during the entire Reception Hour, and some guests enjoyed a couple of dances. We had use of the Observation Lounge officially until 1:45 pm, but many of us stayed there until the ship actually sailed. The included photographer took pictures for about 1 hour. Non-sailing guests had to disembark by 2:45, but were not rushed to do so. The Wedding Experience personnel were very helpful in getting everyone informed of what to expect. After the cocktail hour the sailing guests were free to enjoy the ship's facilities, and many gathered by the pool where they enjoyed music and dancing with the Bride and Groom until 5:30 pm when we all met at one of the Ship's main Restaurants for the official Wedding Dinner. A full 4 course meal was served, with one of the dessert options being the Wedding Cake, enjoyed by all. Dinner was the last official wedding activity, but the party continued until 3:00 am at the various clubs and disco! All in all we have nothing but praise for The Wedding Experience Coordinators and the NCL Sun's staff. Our guests keep comenting what a wonderful idea it was to have the wedding on board a Cruise Ship! My Daughter Dayi and her new husband Lenny were very happy too! Amy - Dayisun's Proud mother. Dayi and Me - the Very Proud Mother Dayi and Lenny Sailing off Toasting with the Cake Thank you all at this forum for all the great information you so generously share. Good luck to all!
  3. Welcome to the Forum! I too am the mother of the bride, and we have found great inspiration here!
  4. My daughter did not want to have a bridal shower for some of the very same reasons discussed on this thread! However, her very close friends and family decided to throw her a "Bridal Tea" anyways. We had a lovely Brunch at an old fashioned Tea house, attended by her aunts, cousins, FMIL, FSIL, and her two Bridesmaids. There were 25 of us (big family, what can I say) and we had a great time. Dayi has not registered for any gifts, since she feels that people are spending enough money joining her on the Wedding Cruise, so instead of registering she asked that people book on the Cruise. Anyways, keeping the "Bridal Tea" to very close family and just a couple of friends made her feel much more comfortable, and by the way . . . she loved openning all the presents she got!
  5. I feel your pain! We had to deal with a few self-invited guests to our Cruise Wedding, which so far is up to the maximum allowed guest count of 150! If your friend asked it is because he really wants your OK to invite this extra guest, and it is perfectly OK to say NO! You don't really need to give any detailed explanation, simply say that you have already met your maximum number of permitted guests. By the way, we were able to take control of the guest count down by setting a very strict RSVP date and sticking to it. Any one who has responded after the set date (which we had set for 3 months before the wedding) was simply told that we had already turned in our list to the Wedding Coordinator and could no longer accept any reservations.
  6. Don't hate your invites! I think they look great, and are unlike any other invitations I've ever seen. As a matter of fact I think the spacing gives them a very Unique look, and I'm sure your guests will love them. Of course I say KEEP THEM!
  7. Thanks for your input. I searched for "photobucket" and found great instructions on how to load the photos. You guys are all great!
  8. Just wanted to let you know I have e-mailed the templates to those of you that sent me your e-mail address via PM. My daughter and I wanted to send something out to remind people of the most important issues to do with the trip. We are going on a weekend cruise, and have a large group of people sailing with us - 119 at last count - and a smaller group that will be on board for the ceremony one, for a total of about 150 people - Can you believe that? I did this brochure with "borrowed" ideas from the forums, which is why I am happy to share them with all who need them. The background used is a scanned copy of the same background used on the actual wedding invitations. The timeline was done using the Table feature in Word - I also have a copy that you can use as template to customize. I hope these are of some help to you! Lots of luck!
  9. Sorry, I couln't get the pictures to upload, so I just uploaded a pdf file instead.
  10. Here is a picture of the newsletter we sent to all guests coming to my beautiful daughter's wedding on April 19th, 2008. I used Microsoft Publisher, and printed them at home using HP trifold brochure paper. We have over 150 people coming to the wedding on board the Norwegian Sun, jof which 123 are sailing with us for the weekend! A lot of the information on the inside of this brochure has to do with the actual cruise ticket, and since our families have a many non-english speaking members, I had to do a bi-lingual brochure. I'll be glad to e-mail you templates if you PM me.with your e-mail address so I can send to you. EDIT: I am having trouble getting the picture's to upload. I'll try again later and re-submit - gotto get back to work now! Sorry Ok, I think this might work now. Here are the pictures: Man this was tough! ----------------------------------------------------- http://http://
  11. I was just working with this great template and noticed that the wording for the spanish translation on page 2 (the right side of page needs some tweeking. The spanish wording as shown on the original translates word for word, and some of it does not really make sense. I am posting the corrections below for your reference: ORIGINAL ENGLISH WORDING The Future Wehrle Family Of the United States of America hereby requests all whom it may concern to permit the wedding guest named herein to party without empty glass or hindrance and in case of need to give all lawful margaritas and tequila shots CORRECTED SPANISH VERSION: La futura familia de ________ de los Estados Unidos de América pide por este medio a todos a quien pueda interesar el permitirles a los invitados de la boda aqui nombrada que fiesteen con copas llenas, sin obstaculo alguno, y si fuese necesario sean legalmente servidos de margaritas y tiros de tequila. Hope this is useful to you all!
  12. These are simple and to the point. They look quite elegant and classy. I too think that you need to make the website line more notizable, that way people will be sure to see it on the final print.
  13. Check out Invitations by Dawn's destination Wedding section. They have some pretty inexpensive invites. If you order, make sure you order more than you think you'll need. The difference in price between 75 and 100 is not that much, but if you need to place an additional order for 25 only, the price is twice as much!
  14. Oriental trading company has a couple of different tags. We wanted these, but ordered the hard plastic ones (the one's showing a metal chain), which are quite heavy for mailing purposes. We're giving them out at a Bon Voyage party, along with the OOT bags.
  15. These are lovely, even though they don't look very Mexican, the important thing is that you like them! Asking for an RSVP by e-mail is a good idea, but I agree that you should also have a phone number where people can call in their RSVP. My daughter's website includes my number as well as hers and her FH, that way people can reach any of us with questions. Perhaps someone in your wedding party could help you out.
  16. Love these! I love having your guests name on the tags. Oriental Trading offers some nice luggage tags at very reasonable prices.
  17. Have you tried doing a Search for Destination Wedding Invitation Wording? There are many sites that give you sample wordings.
  18. This sounds like so much fun! In the States we have adopted many traditions from all over the world. In Latin America, for example, there is a similar tradition to the Stag N Doe; instead of having a Bridal Shower thrown by your Bridesmaid, there is a "Good-Bye to Bachelorhood" (or "Despedida") party where everyone pays to attend. The ticket price is usually equal to the cost of food and drink, and you are expected to bring a gift - just like at a shower. In Miami, because of the large Latin population, it is not unusual to receive a Shower invitation indicating the cost per person. I know this may seem strange to some, but if you think about it, it's not a bad way to have a great party without breaking the bank, and most people don't mind paying for the ticket.
  19. They are beautiful! Not all of us can be DIY divas, so having them professionally done is a great option, and these are wonderful.
  20. Don't be offended girls. As a mother of the bride I can understand the writer of this article, specially the last item regarding trashing the Mother of the Bride dress . . . having seen what is available for those of us that that are not a perfect size 8, I can see doing some trashing myself.
  21. If you are using MSword, you can use a "Custom" paper size. Go to: File - Page Setup - Paper - Change Paper Size to CUSTOM and input the exact size for your paper i.e. Width: 5 Height: 7 You should be able to adjust the paper to any size acceptable by your printer. Good luck!
  22. I am continuously amazed by the DIY talent shown by brides on this forum! You did a wonderful job - they look great!
  23. Cruise ships are like floating resorts. You can find as much or as little to do as your heart desires. Most cruise ships will charge per drink, but the prices are reasonable ($4 to $5 per drink) Those cruises that include beverages are usually much more expensive, and when you figure the difference in price, paying per drink may not be so bad .
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