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  1. I also had the entertainment. It costs $300 for about 15-20mins and includes 3 dances. The fighter eater is in 2 out of the 3. Steve (I believe) is the name of the supervisor for entertainment and Chandlyn will set up the mtg for you to talk to him. My guests loved it and certainly provided something different for the evening.
  2. Mich

    Riu Alumni Bride ---> Now Wedding Planner

    Hey girl, the web site is wicked. I was going to ask you about but thought you'd need a bit more time. I'm amazed at how quickly you got it up. All the best w/ it!!!
  3. ME!!!! Please!! I'm still in law, law land.....LOL No, it's for my girls, if they ever decide to finally get w/ the program and tie the knot. Mrs. International wedding planner!
  4. BTW, Congrats on the "soon to be" career change!! I would have for sure hired you if I had to do it over. Your stuff was amazing and I would definitely recommend you. Would you do wedding in Canada??
  5. Mich

    Niki's ROR Review w/some pro pics

    You look absolutely stunning! I love the pics. So glad to read that everything went so well.
  6. Congratulations Lizz! So glad to hear that everything went so well. You looked beautiful and really happy. Great review. It will really help alot of the future brides out w/ their planning. All the best to you and your new hubbie!
  7. So glad to hear/see that everything was so wonderful. You looked amazing. I was really nervous for you and that hair. My mtg w/ Renova Spa didn't go as well and just didn't want to chance it. Yours turned out fabulous. I can't believe they quoted you $600. Glad you know better than to take that price. My guests also really enjoyed the entertainment as it gave people a little something different. Really strange about the cake. I'm not really sure if my mom was on them about it, 'cause they had mine wrapped up in a box. My husband's grandmother got one layer and we took home the other. Sucks that you didn't get yours, but strange that the rum cake was the one they "thru away". Yah right! Why is it that guests can be so difficult. I had a couple issue of my own. I don't think they realize the amount of work you put into giving them an enjoyable time and when they don't show their appreciation by simply showing up, is just WRONG. Anyway, on a much, much better note - CONGRATULATIONS, mi frien, I am so happy for you!!!!! Nuff love, blessings and guidance ***Isn't it crazy to be calling your man, your husband. I'm still trying to get use to that one...lol****
  8. Worth the wait...lol Everything (especially you) looks amazing. Congratulations!!!!!
  9. Mich

    Back from our ROR Wedding

    You're amazing! The whole time I was reading your review I kept thinking "you're better than me". You really showed what it means to be a beautiful bride. It's easy to smile when all is well, but when there's a few bumps, the bridezilla usually comes out. I'm sorry that you were made to feel like your day wasn't important to them, but it was the most important day to the most important people in your life - and that's what counts! Congratulations and all the best to you and your new husband! You looked beautiful
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by msasfraz Mich... a couple of questions... How much was your outsourced cake?-- is this the free cake provided b/c it looks a bit fuller than twelvepiece cake's. Also where did you get your bridesmaid dresses from? trying to get a mango colored dress for my girls... thx The cake was outsourced by Chandlyn. I told her that it needed to be a rum cake w/ fondant icing and sent her a pic. They made the cake exactly like the pic and it tasted great! It was $350. The dress info is on this page, a couple of questions back. It's an Impressions dress.
  11. I had mine on a Saturday only because we have a lot of family in JA and they are working and going to school so we had to consider that. If most of my family would have been coming down with me I would have probably done it in the middle of the wk. Something else to consider, is when would you be flying out. There were only flights out of Toronto, Canada on Sat, Sun or Mon to get a package deal. We went on a Monday. It worked out great for me and gave me enough time to relax and get everything together, but you may want to have yours early to give you more time to relax after the wedding.
  12. Mich

    leavin' on a jet plane

    That is funny 'cause I thought the same thing! Have a fabulous time and enjoy every second of it!!!
  13. Great review!! Brought back so many wonderful memories. All we need now are the PICS!!!! Okay girl, I know you may still be working on JA time but come on...lol
  14. Mich

    Just Returned From ROR

    Sorry I'm late w/ this but I was in JA when you wrote this. Congrats to both of you!!! I was trying to see the pics but can't see them either. So glad to hear that everything went so well. Hope your AHR was just as nice. Posts the pics again if you can, pls!