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  1. Very helpful information from Claudia. Thanks for posting!
  2. The larger mug is something I'd use again.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by PaulaV For those of you that were already married at Dreams and had the buffet dinner... Did they put all the courses out at once or did they only put out appetizers, then salad and soup, then main courses, then dessert? Sorry if this is a dumb question... Not a dumb question at all - I've been wondering about that myself?
  4. sabonner


    Welcome! I've gotten so many great answers, ideas and inspiration from this site. Good luck!
  5. We used ours on water bottles from discountmugs.com and they came out great. Also had small tags made for the OOT bags...still trying to figure out if I can learn how to do iron on transfer by the time we leave...
  6. sabonner

    SeaShell Order Arrived

    These look great. Anyone know where to find affordable coral?
  7. I got mine today (a day sooner than promised) and they look great! I also ordered 36 and also ended up with 40. Highly recommended!
  8. Great idea. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. So cute! I love the logo - great design.
  10. Just picked up "Spanish Phrases for Dummies" in the 1.00 bins at Target. So cute!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Olive Cancun = Nightlife! I was there for New Years Eve and have been a few other times as well. You're hotel is in a great location! You're close to several clubs. I like Coco Bongo (great shows, lots of fun) Daddy O and Daddy Rock (sp?). Senior Frogs seems to always be a hit with all age groups. Note: Shopping is just a quick cab ride away (maybe $8 USD). Wow, thanks. I've included your suggestions in our wedding update letter. What kind of shopping is there? Are there cheap local places to find OOT gift bag contents?
  12. No, that helps - you mean you could walk to the nightclub from Dreams? That would be huge.
  13. We're staying at Dreams Cancun. Most of our guests are between 25 and 40 and will want to make regular trips to the local nightclubs. What have you guys heard about the clubs in Cancun? What are the most popular, crowded, fun, etc.? How early do people go out in Cancun? We'd like to include as much info as we can in our guest's welcome letter. Thanks!