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  1. What I hear from the past ROR bride is it's best to go for the "free" package and then do the upgrades on things like decorations and the cake. That way you only get charges for what you want. Also, if you have a big group they'll just add extra chairs for the ceremony, so it equals out to be the Royal package, yet you get the "free" pricing. That's what I'm doing. The good thing is, you can change your package and make decisions once you get there. It no problem to make changes once you see the facilities.
  2. You can have a beach reception through Seagrape. I thought about doing that but, I think it will be too cumbersome when we try to dance on the sand. I would like a poolside reception but I haven't heard if that is an option.
  3. How are you going to TTD before the wedding? Are you using a different dress?
  4. I'm scared that the temp will be like a million degrees when I get married in July! I sure hope not! Maybe I should get those parasols in yellow!
  5. WOW, everything looked excellent. I'm so happy for my fellow ATLien! Which Khols did you get the frame at? I'm definately getting it if they have more! Do you think I should have the reception on @ Seagrape or Mammee Bay? The ceremony will be @ 4pm. Should I also rent out the disco? Just like everyone, I LOVED the hanging Orchids! My colors are Sunny Yellow, Sea Foam Blue and Sandy Tan. Did you see any of these color flowers when you picked out the hanging ones? How did the no shoes thing work (annoying, great etc.)? I think I'm getting my hair exactly like that! You looked maaaaarvelous, darling! Next stop....
  6. I just received an email from Lee's Tours. Here are some of the customized tour packages they sent me in a Word Doc. It's 6 pages worth of info! Lees%20Elite%20Ccustomized%20Tours[1].doc
  7. So if the fee to climb is included in the $15.00, I could pay for a whole group trip (10-15ppl)! Is any one else thinking of that?
  8. Beautiful! Did you use Micheal for the photography? If so, how was he?
  9. BrittneyD, Was the DRF entrance price ($15) all you had to pay? Or was there another fee to climb the falls? I want to take my entire group.
  10. You looked absolutely fab! Tell your hubby, he was PIMPIN' that hat! Congrats!
  11. Does anyone recommend any good photographers in Jamaica (Ocho Rios)? I don't really want to use the hotel photographer and I'm trying to avoid traveling expenses.
  12. Once you get there, just tell Chandlyn your wishes and I'm sure she'll let them know how you want it.
  13. I'm going to play it by ear. I'm getting married in July, so if I'm start sweating my buns off, I'll change into a lighter reception dress. If not I'll keep my wedding dress on. I would like to keep my dress on the whole time, but I don't want to be a sweaty mess either!
  14. I have most of the goodies for the bag, but I haven't picked a bag yet. Does anyone have any good oot bag suggestions, websites or pics?
  15. If you go to Coupon codes and discounts for 13,000 online stores! RetailMeNot.com and put in victoriassecret.com, tons of coupons come up. I just used it to get $15 off, 2 free bags, and free shipping.
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