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  1. Thanks for the advice! I am going with benadryl. .. figure I will pack it too since I thinkthe nerves will get worse as the wedding day gets closer. . .althoughI am sure the 150 proof rum will help me sleep in Jamaica!!
  2. Anyone who used the steel drum band. . . how does the music work? I wanted to have 1 song for the bridesmaids and then I wanted to walk down the aisle to Canon D. . but i only have 2 bridesmaids. . .will the band switch right into a new song or do I have to stand there and wait for the 1st song to end?
  3. I have an email in to Chandlyn. . .from last week. . but still haven't heard back. Guess I won't be setting up anything else til I get to the hotel.
  4. Since I am sitting up with insomnia. . .i figured I would post all my wedding plans for any future brides to get ideas or past brides to give advice. I leave Wednesday and have a 2 pm wedding on Saturday. The groom's family comes in on Thursday. . so i have goody bags for them. . then my family come on Friday and I will pass out goody bags as well. The goody bags are brown bags with our names and wedding date on them. Inside is a flip flop note pad, palm tree pen, mints with our names/date, mentos with name/date, peanuts, a photo album and a stretchy bracelet keychain to hold your safe key on. I also included a welcome poem on tropical paper. Guests will also get a neon mesh beach bag with a frisbee, flip flop playing cards and ratan fan. Is anyone doing a dress rehearsal before their wedding? I have a 10:00 am hair and makeup appointment on Saturday. . .then the girls are gathering to help with my dress and we have the 2 pm ceremony with 21 of us total. I brought my own decorations for the gazebo. . .white tule and flowers. My mom made all the bouquets from shells. . . we are having the steel drum play and are doing a sand ceremony. I am having Michael do the photos and video. After the ceremony we are having rum punch and appetizers while we take pictures on the beach. Then everyone is free to go back to their rooms to freshen up and change. I have a white sundress to put on. Then I thought we could meet for drinks before our 6:30 dinner reservation at the steak house.. after that it is off to the disco! I am having a wedding reception back home the next Saturday. So I have another hair apppointment that day. . .I also have gift bags for guests staying at the hotel in PA. . .their bags are the same but it is filled with food to munch on. . .chocolates, mints, peanuts, crackers and water bottles with our own labels. . . I am going with a sand/shell theme for the party. . .My placecards are little shell picture frames. . my centerpieces are hurricane vases with sand and shells with another little vase in it with a votive candle. For favors, each couple get 2 large seashell candies. One is wrapped in silver foil (milk chocolate) and the other in gold (dark chocolate) They will also get sand dollar cookies too. Kids will get little buckets with swedish fish in it. I have 2 wedding cakes. . .a 3 tier cake (chocolate raspberry) with candy shells all over it. . and a Steelers football cake (chocolate) as well. I am having buffet with an open bar. I hired a DJ and videographer. We even got a school bus to take guests to and from the hotel. Major surprise of the night. ..the father/daughter dance. We start out with 1 minute of Celine Dion "Because You Loved Me" and break into "I"m Too Sexy"!! We are taking lessons. . .but my dad and I still suck! lol So wish us luck. Well, I think that sums it up. I hope it helps some of you. . .if not, well it kept me busy typing for a bit! Anyone know a good cure for insomnia?!?!
  5. Wow! Your pictures are great! You're dress is beautiful! Are you going to wear it to the disco that night?
  6. Thanks for all the well wishes! I am doing my best to sit back and relax. . .but alas it is 1 am and insomnia has kicked in! I feel like a little kid counting down to Xmas!!
  7. Now you got me wondering if it is under Magee or Miller. . I will have to check my itinerary tonight! We get in about the same time as you on Wednesday and will have to hang at the bar too! I bet we bump into each other!!
  8. Thanks! I couldn't find tule in "seafoam" to match the bridesmaid dresses, so I had to go with white. I think I do want the aisle runner. . but I am trying to figure out how to work it. . do the bridesmaids walk on it and then me, or do they roll it down before i walk down the aisle. . I just don't want a runner full of sand! lol
  9. Let's definitely grab a drink! My room will be booked under Miller I think. . .
  10. Those flowers look awesome!! I am just goign with basic white tule. . .maybe some flowers at the top. Are you using an aisle runner? Weird about the ticker. . i think its 6 days away. . .when do you get to the Riu?
  11. That is a major load off! What decorations are you bringing? Are you using the gazebo too?
  12. Hello! So, I am off this wednesday to theRiu for my Saturday wedding! I am actually so calm that it is making me nervous!! I keep thinking that I am forgetting to do things. . .so here is what I think I have left. . .if anyone thinks I am missing something. . .let me know please!!! Monday I am getting my hair cut and colored. . .getting my engagement ring cleaned and cashing in my coin stash for tip money on the resort. Tuesday I take my baby boy Rocco (a dog) to the kennel or "camp" as we call it. Thne I am getting a manicure and pedicure. We are off to stay the hotel by the airport for our morning flight I am packed. . .got the rings, sand ceremony stuff and wedding gifts for groom and parents. My mom has my dress, decorations and goody bags for the guests. THAT'S IT! What am I missing!?! I have the ceremony time booked and confirmed along with the reception dinner that night. . I have my spa voucher printed out. . . I am having a reception the 19th when we return from Jamaica and I just firmed all those detaisl up today. . final count, cake, DJ, favors, seating, etc So Iam sitting here Sunday night with nothing to do. . is this normal!! lol
  13. Did anyone bring their own decorations for the gazebo wedding ceremony? I leave on Wednesday for my wedding on Saturday. . and I have not heard back from Chandlyn. Anyway. . .I have my own bouquet. . .its made completely out of shells and my bridesmaids have mini ones to match. We even packed our own tule to decorate along with some fake flowers for the top of the gazebo. Does anyone know if I can use these items? I am hoping that Chandlyn can use my stuff but still decorate the site for me. . . .
  14. For Past Riu Brides: Did anyone use a white aisle runner for their wedding ceremony? Do you know how large it was? I plan on bringing my own and the only size I could find was 75 yards. I am not sure if this is enough or too much. . does anyone have any idea?
  15. My fiancee and I decided that doing a destination wedding was what we wanted. If family/friends could come, that would be an added bonus. . but if not. . it was still the wedding we wanted. We picked a travel agent and then our guests went through her, picking packages in their price range. Some are flying in on the day before the wedding and leaving the day after.. others are staying longer. Have the wedding YOU want, you only have one shot to get it right! lol
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