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  1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for posting all of your planning stuff. They are amazing! I was thinking about sending out a postcard reminding folks to get a passport and book travel. I see the front of yours but would you post the back. I am struggling with wording! Your help would be great. Thank you and Best wishes!
  2. gkashmira- Thank you so much for posting your inserts. They are gorgeous! Much appreciated.
  3. Shelly do you have a sample of your inserts I could look at? did you make the pocketfolds or purchase them?
  4. I am in the process of designing the invitations and I am absolutely in love with the pocketcard invitations. However I am struggling with what to enclose with the invitations. Also, who all is actually including an RSVP that you want the guest to return to you? Since I know who is coming because they have booked their travel (since they got the info from the STD) should this be included. Accomodations whre described in the STD, so I don't think that should be included. All I can think of is a Welcome Dinner invitation and (possibly) an RSVP. I would love any advise/suggestions for invitation enclosures/inserts. Thanks.
  5. Curls

    Newbie from Omaha

    I am getting married at Sunset at the Palms. Thank you all for the welcome messages!
  6. Before the pump I was on Humolog and Lantus as well and will probably go back to that during wedding/honeymoon. I shouldn't have a problem find that cooling item you mentioned but thx for offering to look. I use the One Touch Ultra 2. Just to let you know drugstore.com has a rebate right now that basically makes the One Touch Ultra 2 free (also free shipping since the purchase before rebate is over $49) so no cost to you. If you are interested here is the link. Also, the One Touch Ultra 2 uses the same strips as the Ultra so if you were interested you wouldn't have to purchase new strips. store directory
  7. AKH, this is the 3rd time Ive thanked you for the donation. Last time. Anyway, I have diabetes too and was so excited to find this thread. I, like you, have to have my monitor, my insulin and some glucose tablets. Do you like the purse you got on ebay? After all of your supplies is there extra room? What kind of regiman do you follow. I got on the pump 4 months ago and I LOVE it but cannot decide what to do for the wedding/honeymoon. I could take a vacation from the pump I would rather not but I think that managing it while swimming etc. could be problematic. If I decide to use syringes I would need to find something to maintain my insulins temperature on the beach. I remember hearing about a great tool for this but can't quite remember now.
  8. I never even thought about researching that. That is great info. Thank you.
  9. That dress is gorgeous. I am going more informal (I think) becasue that is what I am comfortable with. You should wear what you love and what you feel beautiful in! Best wishes.
  10. I bought an all-white sundress to trash in my day after pics. A knottie gave me the idea to get a white one. It is very casual, not meant to substitute wedding dress.
  11. Are you all paying for the BM dresses?
  12. Curls

    Can't Decide on a Resort In Jamaica

    I am getting married at Sunset at the Palms in Negril this September. The thing that I really liked about this location is that it allows children but it doesn't cater to children. Then after the wedding my fiance and I are going to relocate to a different couples only AI resort for our Honeymoon. Hope this helps. Sunset at the Palms
  13. Curls

    Newbie from Omaha

    Thank you all for giving me a TON of ideas. My name is Lori, I am getting married this Sepember in Jamaica. I am so excited. I can't wait. Looking forward to hearing more great ideas and hopefully posting a few of my own!