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  1. Hello to all of you! I just wanted to take a second this morning to say hello to all of you from Dreams Cancun! This is the first time i have had 5 seconds to my self with having to entertain or greet! None of you should worry about anything, everything will be fine, and you are def. in good hands here! All 40 of our guests have arrived smoothly, welcome dinner last night, and wedding tomorrow! I will give you full details when i return next week, and promise to start posting pictures for all of see! Have a great weekend, and i will be back in touch..... Hugs, Leigh P.S. Don't watch the weather channel and freak out about the weather because they don't know what the hell they are talking about! It has been nothing but sunshine since we arrived, and nothing to worry about! It's acutally funny if you get a 7 day forcast for cancun..... I just looked at it again and it calls for showers for the next week! P.S.S. Don't freak out about customs Jill, it was very simple... more details to follow!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jilly76 leigh, did you decide how you were packing everything? NO!!! I haven't decided how i'm packing everything yet. I'm actually working on this idea between now and tonight. I do have everything on my list checked off now, and i just have to figure out the packing in them here before i leave wednesday, or just give something for all of the people flying with us wednesday.... Hmmmmm. decisions decisions!!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by chrisnessa Hi this is what I typed on a regular computer letter size paper. Este artículos no es para la reventa. Estos artículos son para el (last name) boda. These items are not for resale. They are for the (last name) wedding. I have them in every bag items are being packed. If they open our bags this letter will be in there for them to read in Spanish. thank you so much!!!!! I am going to print these tomorrow for all of our bags!!!
  4. Ahhhh, you guys are the best!!!! My eyes just teared up! We don't leave until Wednesday morning, so i promise to post my pre wedding pictures for you all! I'm not kidding, i've been running non stop for 2 weeks now! FI and I have been running last minute errands all weekend, and now it's time to finally leave!!! Thanks to everyone, pictures to follow soon!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by chrisnessa Hi Brides: From what I just read I decided to print in Spanish a paper that I will include in the bags should we need it. Stating that this is not for resale but instead for our wedding. Secondly, it appears if we get a green light grab the largest of the bags with the most stuff and get out of there quickly. Have cash on hand. 100.00 and a baggage guy might just get all of our stuff through. Have all Receipts for each item and make sure they do not exceed 300.00. Separate bulk items into different suitcases/and persons as to not trigger suspension of bag...especially as it goes through security. If any of you have any other ideas please post, especially those more recent brides as I'm sure things change often in Puerto Vallarta customs. TY.... Today is Sept 11, GOD BLESS THOSE WE LOST. Hi! I like the letter idea written in Spanish.... Do you already have one written? If not, where and how are you going to translate the letter? I'm leaving next week, and think this is a wonderful idea. Thanks in advance!
  6. FYI.... I will be leaving on Wednesday morning for Cancun and wanted to offer to take certain pictures, get information, ask certain questions, or anything that might help all of you out!!!! I'm a picture kind of girl and pictures really help me out with decisions and so on. So, if any of you need anything, just make a list.. and i will do what ever it is! (certain angles, day or night etc......) P.s... I will be posting some pictures of all of my crap within the next few days for all of you to look at..... Thanks again for everything~ We leave in 4 days!!!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Matt Adcock Leigh, WE picked that up at Express I have tons of shirts from there and Banana Republic... love them! Thanks for the shopping tip, and congrats to you both!!!! Yay, got the travel permit!!!! Woooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!
  8. Hello to all~ I'm wondering if anyone has attended or seen a themed dinner that Dreams Cancun offers at the resort.... They have them as a planned activity nightly. I don't know if it would be fun or kind of cheesy?! (Mexican folklore, caribbean theme) Thanks!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Galit What a great deal! Do you know anyone who has used this company? I would need transportation for a pretty big group so I want to make sure they are legit I hadn't heard of them either, but you can see all kinds of reviews on tripadvisor.com! I'm pretty impressed, and contacted them earlier today. I will let you all know!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Nope, but I will be scheduling Cancun Valet to pick our group up. It's $35 one way or $65 round trip to the hotel zone and it seats 10 people. Oh wow.... do you have contact information for Cancun Valet? Is that per person or for everyone to ride? Thanks!
  11. Anyone know what the cab fee's are from the Cancun airport into the Hotel district? (Dreams Cancun) And also, how difficult/hectic is it to get to the cabs at the Cancun airport? Thanks again!
  12. OH Matt! The good, the bad.... Well, at least there is some good news! I'm so exited for you both! Hey, by the way..... The shirt that you are wearing in the picture..... Where did you get that? Totally hot, and want one for my Fiance! Thanks Matt!
  13. Ok ladies, I'm down to 1 week before I leave for Cancun, and i still have so much to do!! I'm down to coming up with our hair flowers. I have probably waited to long to order something online... Did any of you made your own? I just don't know where to look other than a Michaels or Hobby lobby for silk flowers? Are they going to be easy to make and find? I'm pretty crafty, just have never bought silk flowers before. Do any of the silk flowers look better than others? Any information will help at this point!!!!
  14. Hey Ladies! I'm still around, just been incredibly busy with my business and all of my wedding DIY projects that i have been researching for near a year now, and just now doing a week before I leave for Cancun! Thanks for asking about me! I think that i have all of my details... just gotta finish everything. Once i get a spare breathing moment between now and next wednesday, i promise to post all of my completed projects! I'm sorry that i havent been here as much to help any of you out, but hopefully i will be able to help some by posting pictures and actually going to Dreams Cancun myself to check everything out and returning with some pictures and information from my own personal wedding. I, like some of you have had a hard time getting in touch with Claudia so I'm going to start emailing her assistant as well. I'm getting nervous, but i think everthing is going to be fine eventually! Thanks also to Jilly for helping with some of my last minute stuff that has starting freaking me out a bit!! If any of you can think of anything that you want or need while i'm in Cancun next week, please let me know. I know how important little details can be when you are so far away from your wedding destination! (with the resort, Claudia, etc....) Leigh
  15. Hi, we are getting married next week in Cancun with a guest list of 40 people, and we did it! We just sent out enough warning, and asked everyone to wear some sort of casual white. We explained that it could be beige, white, off white, linen, kackie, and even prints just with a white back ground. We haven't gotten one complaint yet! If you want, pm me and i can let you read our email letter along with the welcome letter we just mailed out. Good luck... I say do it! Leigh
  16. Ok, i'm nervous about this customs situation. We will be going through Cancun in about 2 weeks. Anyone have any suggestions? We don't have that much stuff, and we can split it between 6 of us. Any of you do your shopping after you got to Cancun? Medicines and such for OOT bags? Anything will help my nerves at this point! thanks to all!
  17. I'm with Jilly on this issue.. i'm having it done in at the resorts spa. I am going next week to my personal stylist here in my hometown to do a "practice" on my hair and makeup.. I will take pictures and then bring the pictures with me to Cancun just in case they don't understand exactly what i want to look like! Not much help! Sorry
  18. Welcome to the forum! You will find so many different positive things on here! If you should need any help, please let us know. Can't wait to hear more details about your wedding plans! How manh people do you plan on inviting?
  19. Welcome! You will find tons of useful information here on this site... Let us know if you need any help what so ever! Looking forward to hearing more about all of the details!
  20. Holy Crap Jill! I can't believe that we are both with in just weeks of our weddings!!!! It seems like just yesterday that we were discussing silly plans with Claudia! You seem to be a bit more organized than me, but this week is my week to finalize any details and to finish my DIY projects..... 2 weeks for me! I can't wait to get all of this stuff done that you have already done! Anyway, i hope all is well..... Talk to you soon!
  21. Brenda, i haven't been here on the site that much but i'm so excited to see actual pictures at Dreams! My wedding is in October, and its getting close! You looked beautiful, and all of your guests looked like they had a ball! Congrats again, and cant' wait to hear more about it!
  22. Holy crap! I had 7000 missed topics when i logged on today and i absolutley love this topic! Where did you find all of this starfish stuff? I might have to pm you and get some information from you! Good job!!
  23. ok ladies, i promise i'm back.... i have realized how much i have missed all of you as i have been trying to catch up with everyone.. So many new soon to be and brides!!!! Ok, so here's my issue... I have around 2 months until my wedding at Dreams Cancun and still have't found my two little girls dresses that will be joining me down the isle. One is 12 and the other is 7. I thought about doing a cool color of linen dress for both, but can't seem to find ANYTHING!!!! If any of you could show some pictures if had a a flower girl or jr. bridesmaid that would help also!!!! Or, if you know of somewhere in your hometown or online that i could find something similar... i would love you forever!!!!! Thanks so much to all of you!!! I hope that everyone is doing well.... Miss you all so much!
  24. We are getting married at Dreams Cancun.. and then moving on to the Eldorado Royale for our honeymoon. I hear that it is wonderful there! I will be sure to let you know after October. Let me know how i can help!!!
  25. Hi jennifer.. welcome! before you know it, you will have tons of new friends to help you with all of your planning!!! Good luck!
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