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  1. I think you should invite everyone, so that no feelings are hurt. I basically talked to everyone on my guest list, and if they had a interest in going I sent them a save the date. But you'll make a good decision.
  2. I will definitely let you know. Right now, I am going back and forth with a coordinator, but haven't booked anything yet. But yea, I will post as much info as I can.
  3. Girl, don't worry. Even though my wedding is almost a year away, I probably will barely have 10 people going because people would rather vacation somewhere else, etc. But make the best out of what you have. And show those pictures off like there is no tommorrow! Have a wonderful time.
  4. I think it sounds good. I am in the process of doing something similar, but in Jamaica aboard the Destiny.
  5. That is absolutely beautiful, congrats
  6. I think it's great. And you mentioned that it was lightweight and all, another plus.
  7. I like them all, but I love the first. It looks great on you, too.
  8. Since my dad is not attending, I plan to walk by myself. However, fmil thinks I should ask an uncle or something. But we'll see. I think you should do whatever makes you happy.
  9. Have a wonderful time, don't forget to share pics=)
  10. And Tanyon, no one offered any finances for my wedding either, so I totally feel you on that one.
  11. I am just waiting to see who actually shows up. The only grief that I am receiving is from my dad because this is a destination that he does not care to travel to, so in so many words, he plans not to go. But our show is still going to go on. And anybody else, I really don't care. But we do plan to have an AHR when we return.
  12. i would like to pay for my bridesmaid's dresses, since they are taking the time to come to the wedding and all. i originally wanted to pay for their, hair, makeup, manis and pedis. but it just depends on how everything works out.
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