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  1. I would definitely move the crate into your room for the time being. If he is whining and doesn't have to go pee, just stick a finger in his crate for a few seconds to let him sniff and lick and he will know you are close by. Also, we've found with our new, young foster dogs that sometimes they are just missing their siblings that they are used to sleeping with. We toss a big stuffed animal dog in the crate with them and they usually cuddle up to it and settle down. And also, if the dog is whining or throwing a fit, never let them out of the crate until they calm down and behave in a positive manner. Good luck!

    Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred

    Foxytv, I couldn't find the Shred dvd at any walmart but I did find it at Costco and it came along with 2 biggest loser dvds as well. One was weight loss yoga and another bootcamp one hosted by bob, the trainer guy. I know things are rather different between canada and the U.S. but its another option for those who cannot track it down.
  3. EricaG, I have been to Edson a few times for work and I wish that for you and your community they catch this guy FAST! No one should have to live in that much fear!

    Riu Palace Cabo Brides.............

    They no longer allow bonfires at the RIU's. I think I was one of the first groups they cancelled on. too bad though because they looked awesome!
  5. We had "I cross my heart" as our first dance and "I Loved her first" for the father/daughter dance....The father daughter dance song was perfect!
  6. Kamay11, You have every right to be upset with the proposed meeting time. Honestly, she should know better than to even consider putting your meeting on your wedding day (like you have nothing to do that day already)...I would explicitly tell her that is unacceptable. When I got married there last year our meeting was on the Tuesday and we were married on the Friday and I almost thought that wasn't early enough...haha. There is no reason that she cannot fit you in earlier in the week.

    Gross, yuck, nasty..

    Tammy, I'm so sorry about the worms. Yes, its gross and nasty but easy to fix. In the meantime, swear off the rice and hire a cleaning lady!!! I guess the good thing is that the worms are dead right? Anyway, we have put our dog on a regular deworming schedule with all the fosters we get in. We deworm the fosters three times and sometimes they still need more....eeeewwww. Just a suggestion so your own pups don't get the worms.

    lol, She loves to take pictures, lol

    Drea, Those pictures are awesome! Nice work....what a great puppy! I cannot tell you enough how much it means to us when adoptive families send us pictures and stories about how the pups we fostered are doing. It really brightens my day. So I just wanted to thank you and encourage to always keep in touch with Shyla's foster family.
  9. Hi Natasha, If you send me an email to kanderson@bjservices.ca, I can reply and send you some photos from my reception there.

    Getting our first foster dog!

    Hi Stephanie, We are fostering from a rescue foundation so it's not just one breed. They have lots of larger dogs, mostly shephard, rottweiler, or husky crosses. They usually come from the reserves or garbage dumps and are in pretty rough shape. A little love and food and time and they are much better. We are on #2 right now. Sometimes I wonder how people can be so cruel. Our new guy is so scared of everything. How are things going?

    Newest Family Member...

    so cute! Congrats....and the bigger they are = the bigger the cuddles!

    The bad.... in Fostering

    Aw Tammy, I am so sorry! I know there isn't much to say to make it feel any better but I think cookies helps everything - even if just a little. Give Cain a big hug and think of all the dogs you have been able to find excellent homes!

    Getting our first foster dog!

    Congratulations Stephanie, We are on our first foster dog too. We've had her for just about 3 weeks now. It's an adventure for sure. Hopefully we'll be able to talk eachother through some of the more trying times......good luck!

    Never thought I would say this....

    Haha Tammy - Never say never. I'm not surprised that you are considering taking in more puppies once you saw their cute little faces!!!! They are adorable. Thank goodness Lady didn't have to stay with you too long. Just think, even TWO puppies can't be as bad as one Lady! Good luck!

    Random good news..

    I sure hope you take a deep breath and smile and think how great the dogs are doing in their new homes. You and Cain have done such an amazing job Tammy! Enjoy the calm while you can!!!