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Tara's Dreams review 7/8/06

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Originally Posted by mexico15 View Post

Do you have contact with Tara anymore? I want her alter decoration really bad!!! Do you know if the hotel had that stuff? Or did she bring down the circle shell strands and material to drape? If she brought down the shells...I want to know where I could find those!
Thanks for any help you can give, if not, no problem. I will keep searching! :)
i do keep in touch with tara...she is on my myspace and we email. we became pretty close since our weddings were about a week apart at dreams.

she is in africa so will be out of touch for awhile.

her uncle, who is a florist in the US, did her flowers and they actually had some probs with them.

i think her husband made the chuppah


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Gosh that sounds terrible, and totally put her off mexico! But the pictures were beautiful, so some things went right...


But I guess it must just be bad luck because Tammy got married there a week later or whatever, and didn't have any of that bad luck, and used Maye and stuff... so I guess you just have to not worry about it, some things will go wrong....


Thanks for sharing though Tammy.

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