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  1. This was a hard one to find great deals on...even ebay didn't have any good deals ;( I did find this site...but not much of a savings..just a little bit Wholesale Disposable Digital & Custom Wedding Cameras, Kid Tough Polaroid Camera & Film, Cheap MP3 Players Hope that helps. I will keep looking.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by mridgway I think it should work for our group. (I hope anyways!) My FI and I went to rival colleges and both of our groups of friends use to play Ultimate Frisbee, against each other. So that is part of the reason we thought it would be a good choice for this event. Sounds like it would be a good hit then! I would go for it! It would be meaningful and useful to you all.
  3. I think it is a fun idea...but make sure you think people will use them again. You want your money to be used for good and not on something people will put aside after the trip. I would use it...just depends on your group! I like the idea thought...it is different.
  4. I got a cheap veil too from Bridal tiaras as unique as you are are what you will find at GlamGal Designs Bridal She does a lot of special design veils with beautiful trim, but I just wanted the bridal illusion on the hidden comb, since we are putting crystals on it...and it was only $29 for a 66 inch length. She also had a champagne color which has been impossible for me to find!! I love these kind of finds...don't you
  5. mexico15

    Out of curiousity . . .

    I have been asked a few times and my finance has been asked A LOT from his co-workers (but I guess guys are more forward about that kind of stuff). I just tell people since we are getting married in Mexico and having the reception at home...my family doesn't have much of a budget to spend so we are only having a small reception. I also tell them I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings at work since you can't really pick and choose, and this is the best way. They seem to be understanding and haven't mentioned it again. I do find it strange people have the balls to ask that kind of thing. Very interesting.
  6. Our message in the bottle invites were total including stamps: $455 (we bought ink for the color printer for our lables and invites, paper, stamps, shells, twine, $200 were for the bottles, stamps were the second most expensive part) I used company resources for our table cards, favor tags and luggage tags, so that was almost nothing (shhhh....don't tell :-) ) What type on invites are you looking at buying?
  7. mexico15

    Cute shell hair clips..

    What a great find! Those can't be too hard to make oneself...if you get the right resin.
  8. I LOVE #1...they will sparkle so much on the beach!! And they will show up better in pictures. They match your shoes and dress very nicely! I am all about sparkly and bling...I love to shine
  9. Only doing OOT bags...spent some money of those...so that is the favor. I am placing thank you's cards on the table at the reception.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by LEIGH I forgot, how many people are you having?? Which reception are you adding for $25 pp? And the sound system for $160? Is is that more expensive for a wedding in Cancun rather than PV?!!!!! We are having 20 people including us. It is a four course meal reception with drinks included, linens, etc.. The Cabo Dreams charged per hour for the sound system...but the PV Dreams is a flat rate. You will definitely need to check with your coordinator about the prices at the Cancun Dreams. They are all so different in $$ for some reason.
  11. My sister-in-law got married away and they didn't ask her to check her dress...and they put it in the closet up front. Most airlines are very accommodating for weddings...it is very surprising how nice everyone is when they know you are getting married!! Everything will be fine and you shouldn't stress over a minor detail...there are TOO many other things to stress about
  12. We just decided to stay the 7 nights...have a free wedding and add a reception at $25pp. We are bringing most of the decoration, so no extra expense will be added with that. And I will most likely upgrade the bouquet since they only have 3 basic options...so that will be extra...and renting the sounds system for $160...but that is all we really need.
  13. She did not mention the locations, however I know the rock concert and the movie on sunday is on the beach. I would guess that most of these activities would be around the pool area close to the beach, but not positive.
  14. I just now recieved an email from Marilu regarding the nightly activties offered by Dreams Resorts...thought the Dreams brides might be interested... the schedules have changed since I was told before, so you might want to see these changes... I would like to inform you that our night activities have changed and go as follows: Monday: Rock & Roll Concert and bonfire. Tuesday: Caribbean Night Wednesday: Manager’s cocktail, Salsa night Thursday: Nunsense comedy Friday: Mexican Fiesta Saturday: Karaoke Night Sunday: Movie time The events start between 7:00pm until 9:00 pm We have two bars that close one, the lobby bar, at 12:00 am and the other one, sports bar, at 2:00 am. These changes put a damper on my scheduled plans...hopefully nothing changes for you guys!
  15. mexico15

    Some pictures...

    I like the earrings...but not sure if they go with the necklace. Everything looks wonderful though! How exciting to see it all coming together