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  1. Hi there, I'm back from Africa!! Please feel free to email me anytime and ask any questions. Tara0616@aol.com I'm sorry i don't pop in that much anymore.
  2. We just said they were family friends and not getting paid for it. If they are traveling with lots of professional looking equipment, they may want to think about gettting other type of carrying bags. My photog looked into getting the permit and said that they make it almost impossible to get. I would recommend since it is just a family friend to not even try to get the permit. If your friend isn't getting paid, then it isn't considering "work" so they don't need a permit. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks hon! I did book them through Maye, but I just wanted to get their contact info in case they are late or don't show up. I was also wondering about if they are bringing drums or a CD player. I guess it could be either...so we'll see!
  4. okay, but the Lunes de fuego is the same people as who Maye uses...right? Also, did they have drums or did they bring a CD player? thanks!
  5. April, Do you have the contact info for the firedancers you booked thru Maye? How was their show? Thanks!
  6. thanks sweetie! oh my gosh, you are getting so close!!! Let me know if i can help with anything!
  7. he he!! okay, the STD's for all the supplies and the design, printing, & cutting it was $300 for 110 of them. I did the assembly myself. For the invites, I'm a little confused how i spent so much, but it was around $700 for everything except the assembly which i'm doing myself and i need to buy the postage. I'm happy how everything came out, but when she gave me my total invoice for $1000...I was like "WOW". Hope it was worth it...cause I'm feeling a bit guilty for spending so much!
  8. Sorry it took me so long. Arturo’s phone number is 011-52-624-150-4627 I had to get it from Maye, since i booked him thru her. Hope that helps! Good luck
  9. TARA0616

    Hi, I'm Tara

    Okay thanks. On loscabosguide.com they want .75 each post card. I'm use to postcards being cheap like 10 for $1!!! Please let me know what you find out. Thanks!!
  10. TARA0616

    Hi, I'm Tara

    Hi there! I'm Tara. I live in southern CA and getting married at Dreams 7/8/06. I would like to put postcards in my OOT bags. When you are there, would you mind picking some up for me? Do you know how much they are? I won't be picky, I just want a varity. Also, do you know about postage? Let me know... Thanks!!!
  11. TARA0616

    Hi, I'm Tara

    Hey Tammy... Thanks for starting this new Chat forum. i love it! I just made myself a bio on theknot.com. If you want to look me up my name is CaboBride7/8/06 Hope you had a great weekend. Talk to you soon! Tara
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