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UGH!!! So tired of doctors! *updated pg. 3*

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Originally Posted by starchild View Post
Damn it Jaime I keep hoping you'll say you feel great but life is sure kicking your butt right now :o( I'm soooo sorry you have the sore throat to deal with. Too bad I'm married and out of state because I would totally make you my domestic partner to get you some good insurance!!

My mom would say to gargle hot water mixed with salt and vinegar to kill what's in your throat, and take teaspoons of honey and lemon for the cough.

If they sell Odwalla juice out there I recommend C Monster...one an hour if you can. It's brought me to health faster than anything over the years when I've caught bugs.

A vicious flu is going around my job...I mean bad, like several people have taken their kids to the E.R. this week alone, and then they are getting it from the kids and passing it around at work. I feel it coming on so I'm on Odwalla too...lol
lol Jamy I would love to be your domestic partner! hahahaha

My Grandma always says gargle with warm salt water too. Haven't heard the vinegar part. Thing is it's all the way down at the bottom of my throat. I've been drinking Ramen broth hoping that will help somewhat. And yummm I love Odwalla - good idea.

Apparently the same vicious flu is hitting everyone in Dallas too. They said on the news the other day they had to cancel a soccer tournament because all the coaches came down with it. Several teachers at school have canceled class that I know of. So at least I don't have to feel alone in being sick this time around. I've had the flu before and this is by far the worst yet! I'm so getting my flu shot next time around. I had a bad reaction to one in 7th grade so I haven't done one since but I think this has convinced me to give it another shot!

My throat is on fire!

I found a doctor through a guy I work with who only accepts cash patients and it's only a $50 charge!!! He says the guy is really good and he likes him. They got me an appointment for today at 2:15 - YIPPEEE!!! Hopefully they can figure out something to do with this darn throat of mine so I can get some sleep.

I'm ready to go Ninja mode on this thing smile67.gif

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I have been avoiding reading this thread because of my own medical issues and I was worried I would begin one of my pitty party crying fits.


First of all, Jaime I am so sorry for what you have gone through with the doctors and the pain. I can completely empathize.


Secondly, I dont understand why illnesses and injuries have to always happen to me, as you said you are tired of being sick.


I am 30years old. I was diagnosed with having a tumor on my pituitary gland 5 years ago. My endocrinologist told me if it was even at all possible having my own children would be a chore. My husband at the time informed me I was "broken". I was crushed by all of this. I have to go yearly for an MRI of my brain, twice a year for blood tests, and take a pill ever night. Thankfully now my FI is so incredibly supportive!


I had shoulder surgery 3 years after being hit by a car at work ( I am a police officer). This year has been the worst, I had back surgery in May 2007. That didnt work. So I had to have a mulit level spinal fusion the end of November. The day before I was dishcharged from the hospital I complained of leg pain. I was told that was normal. Three days later the leg pain continued to worsen, I called the doctor's office. They told me I must be low in potassium so eat bananas. The next day I couldnt breathe and had chest pains. Thankfully stubborn me finally listened to my FI and we went to the ER. I had a blood clot in my right long and another one in my left leg that went from my upper thigh to my ankle. I was hospitalized for another 4 days. When I was discharged I had to give myself injections in the stomach for 3 weeks. Now I go once a week for blood tests as they try to get the right amount of Coumadin (blood thinning medication) in my system.


So trust me my thoughts are with you and there are people who understand what you are going through. I have been there...I have tried to go to work but ended up crying my eyes out in the car because I was too dizzy to drive or in too much pain.


I hope and pray for you that you get a great resolution!!!!!


P.S. Sorry for blabbing!!

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Jaime sorry if I missed some parts of this thread but did you get any antibiotics, the z-pak that Leia mentioned? It has been working for people in my area.


You cannot get hydrocodone/guaifenesin together but you can get hydrocone and guaifenesin separately. I recommend sucking on Cepacol lozegers in addition to the phenergan with codeine. The phenergan w/ codeine just helps with cough. You can buy mucinex DM (pills) which has the guaifensin and suppress cough to break down the mucus. You already have hydrocodone and naproxen so that will help your kidney stones and your throat.


Everyone tells me that they feel like they're swallowing razor blades.


Did they give you any inhalers? I'm worried that you do have

bronchitis, do you have any chest tightness? Any chills? Nose congestion?


The cepacol max strength will help numb the pain a little. I've been working so much b/c everyone is coming in sick.


Some doctors are giving out both antibiotics and viral rx (Tamiflu) b/c they not sure of the source.


Are there any free clinics in your area, I usually send people to a clinic where they charge $20 for service.



Try to get plenty of rest so your immune system will work better at rest.

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Jaime I can't believe you have all these health issues. Do you have a weak immune system or something? It just seems like you get sick very often by various ailments. I know you really don't have money right now but you really need to go to a top internist so they can test you for various things. Texas is known for having excellent doctors you should def go see a top notch one. Just ask about payment plans and see if they can work something out for you b/c you def need to get to the bottom of all these health issues. I hope you start to feel better soon. smile03.gif

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Oh Jaime, that really sucks. I've been lurking on this thread to see what happens and I feel so bad for you sad.gif I hope you start feeling better quicker than very soon!

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