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I absolutely love all the different boarding pass invites I have seen on this forum... there are so many good ideas!


I am trying to keep my budget down and was planning on making my own invites. I love this idea and am trying to find the best (and cheapest) way to move forward with it.


So for everyone who has made them...would you mind approximating how much it cost you to make your boarding pass invites (paper/ ink/ accessories/ postage) and the time it took! And if you have any tips for those of us who are just starting them?? Thanks so much!

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ok let's see:

paper and printing from kinko's - $40

eyelets and envelopes from paper source - $25

ribbon to tie the pieces together - $5


but then i also bought a paper cutter because i will use it again and that was $40.


i made about 40 of them so they came to about $1.75 a piece.

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heavy cardstock for 2 passes: less than $20 for 100 sheets (3 passes/sheet)

cardstock for envelope: free (1 pack from mom's work)

#10 envelopes for mailing: free again from mom's work

print at home: free

stamps: $110 i believe (we needed double postage since one of the passes doubled as a post card/reply for a prelim rsvp)

rotary cutter: $30


I don't know how many I made but I assume about 120?? I still have supplies left over (including stamps).


I guess I spent a little over a dollar for each and most of that was due to postage.

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Originally Posted by carlymcmullen View Post
For those that printed at home - did it use a whole printer cartridge? I am debating printing at home or from Kinko's. Mine are pretty long, 6-7 passes for each invite and I have to make about 150 of them...
Wow - I think I would definitely have them printed Carly. I only did 35 and I wanted to pull my eyelashes out by the time I was done! I did replace both the color and black cartridges (but I'm not sure they were full when I started). My STD's only had 3 passes each and a "travel bulletin" that I added later after we got our flight discount codes.

As far as costs - I think I spent about $15 on paper (plain white cardstock and blue cardstock for the holders); $40 on 2 packs of #10 red string-tie envelopes from paper presentation; $30 on the papercutter plus perforator and scorer attachments; and maybe $5 on the corner cutter?; I think postage was $0.55 each. I didn't add in the printer cartridges b/c I have them stockpiled --- and, I didn't use entire ones ... --- so definitely less than $3 a piece.
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