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Wording for invitation for AHR - present list, let me know what you think!

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So, I have written the below for the guests that are coming to Jamaica. We do not want to be preseumtious (sp?) in putting in a present list, but people keep asking us. We thought for eveyone who has come to Jamaica, we would put in the below. This is just to go in the AHR invitation. Obviously we will not put a present list in for anyone just comming to the AHR, as I think that it is a little rude put in a list almost 'expecting' a present


Let me know what you think, honest opinions always welcome!!




We are no good at writing poetry,

So we hope you get the jist,

Of this little rhyme,

Why we have no present list.


You are all travelling around the world,

Conquring fears of flight and all

Just to see us tie the knot,

So thats all to wish for and more.


If you feel the need to send a present,

What we really wish for is a momento,

Of the times we all had in Jamaica,

So go ahead – send us a photo!


In a frame, album, or on its own,

The wedding, the beach, or of you

Whatever the picture is

Please let it bring a smile to us too

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