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Favorite Holiday Movies?


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I *LOVE* Love Actually!!! (I'm listening to some songs from their soundtrack on Myspace: MySpace "Christmas is All Around" cracks me up every time I hear it!!!)


Also, I don't know ANYONE who knows this one, but in 1987 (according to IMDB: A Claymation Christmas Celebration (1987) (TV)) there was a TV Christmas special called 'Claymation Christmas.' Every single year, my sister and I watch an OLD VHS of this (including commercials! Our favorite is 'My First Sony' - "I like pizza pie; I like macaroni; but what I love is my first Sony!" haha!). It brings back a flood of chidhood memories!!


And of course, the classic 'Christmas Vacation'


Those are my top 3. What are yours??

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My absolute favourite holiday movie is called All I Want For Christmas; it centres around a little girl who asks Santa to get her parents back together again, and of course, all the antics involved in doing so;


I also love a movie called One Magic Christmas; it's a bit of a play on the Scrooge story, where the main character is a woman who doesn't have much Christmas spirit, but through different events comes to see things differently


And finally, I'm a sucker for It's a Wonderful Life (Black and white original, of course, no artificial colouring for me!). I love to turn off all the lights except for the tree and curl up to watch it on Christmas Eve...and every time that bell rings I always get choked up cry.gif

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1. The Rudolph claymation one. My Mother always tells me about when I saw that the first time when I was a little Jay. The show ended and I went to go brush my teeth for bed. Mom came into the bathroom and I was sobbing while brushing my teeth. She asked what was wrong and I looked up all teary eyed and said "how come they were so mean to Rudolph? he just wanted to be friends with them."


2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Not the best in the series, but still very good.


3. Bad Santa. Definitely not for the kids.

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Love Actually is probably my VERY favorite. David and I both love that one.


Elf - just cracks me up! It gets SO cheesey at the end but I love it.


The Grinch - old and new for me too!


Muppet Christmas, for sure


I love the Rudolph claymation too...really I think I just like claymation!


And Charlie Brown Christmas. So very much a part of my childhood. :-)

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