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Can you girls help me?


I am looking for a map of the El Dorado Royale ... well not really. LOL


Im looking for a map of the Mayan that SHOWS WHERE the EDR is.

I have a few guests who might stay at neighboring resorts etc., so something that shows where things are located.


I KNOW its easier to have guests all staying in the same place, but ... I have two sets of parents and I want to offer them the option (if you catch my drift)


Thanks so much



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You do know that guests staying off of the resort property have to pay for day passes to come onto the resort, right? I think they are discounted a bit for the day of the wedding, however they are still around $75 per person and $99 per person any other day but the wedding day. Just be sure to factor this in! You may be able to arrange that they get rooms in different buildings not near each other on the resort too. Good luck with everything!

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