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  1. Again, ask Valeria but I was told that any party over 40, but no more than 50, can be accomodated but there is the extra $25/person charge for each over 40. As for Matt & Malory, they were at La Isla
  2. Are you getting married there? I am too... what time was your ceremony again?...
  3. Valeria had given those to me... we decided to stay with Gaebo 55 though since it doesn't have the sandbags in the background, I'm pretty sure its the only one.
  4. yes they will, but i believe it can not go over 50 and you pay $25 extra per person over 40
  5. I'm missing everyone! I'm there April 29th-May6th! Oh well. So, am I mistaken or isn't Cancun Studios the resort photographer?...
  6. brandoo

    Pictures from our trip to Arizona!

    Ha... you were staying just down Scottsdale road from where I live! I love camelback, we try to hike it a few times a week if we can't get out to other hikes. Its so funny, I used to never hike except when I came to visit my grandparents in Scottsdale. Now that I've lived here a while I go all of the time! Camelback seems like a breeze now, but there are always new trails to challenge you around here! The Superstitions have some trails that are multiple times higher than camelback and have AMAZING views from up top, and very few if any people up there. Hope you got some good planning done! Glad you enjoyed it!
  7. I originally bought bags for OOT, then decided they would become "get ready packages"... they got too big and too much of a pain to take to Mexico. I have a beach bag, beach towel for the snorkel trip we're taking everyone on, the meds, eco-sunblock the mexican government makes you use when in the water around the reefs (its biodegradable or something), sudoku books for the plane ride, etc. I have seen similar packages sent by someone else on here and they had some tequila and their favorite margarita recipe in there... maybe you could do this with rum and a bahama mama recipe?...
  8. Sorry! I haven't been checking this as often as I should... Yes, Mariee was great, really like the place. And as for hiking, I LOVE hiking. We haven't gone as much as I would like to lately since we've been so busy, but let me know if you want to go sometime!
  9. Congrats! Your wedding and reception looked great, and most importantly it didn't rain (I was praying for you and Shea!!) and everyone looked like they were having a blast. Looks like you made some good memories to go with those great photos!
  10. Thanks so much everyone! This makes my decision final... I'm sending those bit%$*s! We have people flying in from St. Louis, Minneapolis, Denver, and Phoenix... and even those coming from one city are all coming on different flights. It would be way too complicated to do anything but either take them all down or send them all out. Whew! I was trying to figure out how to distribute all this junk, I'm feeling so much better about sending them now. Thanks again!
  11. Everything looked amazing Shea! We plan to rent out a catamaran the day prior to the wedding too... who did you use, and do you highly recommend them? Was there a covered area for those who can't stay out in the sun? Were the bathrooms clean? Did they have alcohol on board or any food? Thanks!
  12. My OOTs are massive, and I have beach towels in them for our catamaran trip, so they are bulky too. I was advised not to ship things down to Mexico, and the resort I am going to has had problems "losing" OOTs in the past, so I was wondering if it would take away from things if I sent these to everyone's house about a week prior to departures. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  13. So does the resort know where they are going to place each guest ahead of time? We have some people arriving as early as Tuesday, then others arriving the day prior to the wedding on Friday. Will it be possible for the front desk to print off a completed list for our guests who arrive earlier? Thanks!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Mandy I graduated from Drury in '04. Sounds like we were there at the same time! What is your doctorate in? What school did you end up at? I do have some questions about EDR, if you can help fill me in! How soon do you have to decide on locations for the ceremony/reception? Can you add on/change anything after you get there? Where can I find pics from the resort photographer? Is it really worth it to bring in an outside photographer or videographer? Which flowers did you choose? Small world... I guess I'd have to see a pic/know who you hung out with to see if I recognized you. I finished my doctorate at A.T. Still (Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine) in Physical Therapy at their campus here in AZ. I met my fiance when I moved down here and now I'm here to stay! I loved Springfield though and could see myself heading back that way someday. As far as deciding locations, well I think you have to tell them within a month of your date. I think you can change things when you get there, such as locations but nothing like flowers, menus or any decorations they need to pre-order. Just keep in mind that there could be other events happening at the resort around the same time as your wedding, so this could limit the availability of some venues... there is another girl on this forum who is getting married there the same day I am. The photographer's web-site is: Professional weddings and events photographers company Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun, Riviera Maya - Mexico</em></tt></strong>. It all depends on what is a big deal to you... personally the pictures are a big deal to me. They are one part of our wedding we will have forever and they are one of the best ways to share the wedding with family and friends who won't be able to join us in Mexico. I am either bringing in my own photographer from Phoenix or I will have my sister-in-law take pics (shes an amatuer photographer). As for flowers... I have had a hard time with this since every flower I have asked about has to be imported, therefore rediculously expensive! For example I asked about peonies, which my mother has growing along side our house in St. Louis and they are beautiful without her ever tending to them, and they want $300 for a normal sized bouquet of these!!! I could pick them myself back home... one of the slight disadvantages to a DW I guess! I think I am going to end-up getting the tropical bouquet (the bouquet shown across the top of the "flowers" page on Lomas' web-site). Hope this all helps! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
  15. Drury... took an extra year and graduated in '03 then finished my doctorate out here...