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Which resorts allow outside photographers?

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I am still trying to pick a resort and I don't want to run into a road block because the resort won't allow an outside Photographer to come in or make me pay $500. If you are getting married or have gotten married in Riviera Maya or Cancun and the resort allows an outside Photographer, no questions asked, please let me know. Thanks! I just don't want to get stuck like this guy!smile125.gif LOL

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If you are flying in your photographer you won't have any problems if you have them stay at the resort as well. In this case, your photographer will already be a guest so it won't matter.


It's when you are using a local photographer or have your photographer stay someplace other than the wedding location that you run into problems. It's completely wrong for them to do this though and if you run into problems you can just tell the resort you'll take your business elsewhere.


Hope this helps

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Here are some that don't allow outside photographers (or charge a fee)

El Dorado Royal $500 fee

Iberostar resorts $300 fee

Moon Palace


These fees could have changed. I think there was talk of EDR dropping the fee.


When I narrowed down the places I was interested in, I checked to see if they charged fees for outside vendors.


When you pay the fee, you are suposedly paying for their lost income. So some people have considered paying the $500 & having the hotel photographer photograph a welcome party, a casual session, etc. And then hire someone else to photograph the wedding. I don't know anyone who has actually done this though so it might not work.

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I am flying in my photographer. It was actually cheaper than hiring a local photographer, paying the fees, and upgrading the packages to get the photos I wanted.

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Yup, we deal with this sorta thing all the time. We are on the way to a cruise wedding to Jamaica next month and the bride was having a heck of a time getting them to allow us to shoot their wedding. The best way to avoid this is as JT said, get the photog to be a guest at the resort and they waive their costs. Either that or your photographer has give the impression of being a very good friend/family. There is nothing they can do to stop a good friend with a really nice camera from taking photos all day long. Just FYI!

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Thanks ladies, all of your information was helpful.

Do you guys know if the Dreams resorts allow an outside photographer with just paying the day pass? I don't mind paying the day pass but I really don't want to spend the extra money on a fee the resort wants to tack on. I don't mind flying someone in with us but I'd rather just use someone in RM.

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