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Grand Occidental Xcaret - Playa Del Carmen

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Grand Occidental Xcaret: Lodging and Wedding Day Breakfast


Nuestra Senora del Carmen: Ceremony


Playa del Carmen beach: Cocktail Hour


Ajua: Dinner and Dancing



Pics on the blog if you would like to see them.


Wedding Day:

Jill Higgins Photo Blog


Day After:

Jill Higgins Photo Blog

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OK, why couldn't you get to the Tulum Ruins? We are attempting to do sneaky things as well... so I figure I better find out what didn't work in hopes we can pull it off :)

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Well...there were a couple of problems.


First, they will not allow you to take pics of anyone in a wedding gown at the ruins. Trust me - they will have a security guard follow you to be sure that you don't.


So...Catherine and Will put on "street clothes" before we went in and had a small bag with them with her dress inside. Also - the other photographer and I went in ahead of them so we would just look like geeky tourists.


Second - there are two points where you can get down to the beach. The walkway/steps that takes you down to the beach where we thought we could get the shots was closed. It looks like the stairs need to be repaired. This also happens to be the spot on the beach where you have the view of the ruins in the background.


So...we thought we tried the othere side but 1) you just don't have the good view and 2) a guard stopped us.


With that said, there is another option. You can go down the road past the entrance to Tulum. We walked, but you can take a taxi to the roadblock, then you have to walk the rest of the way. You can go to Paradiso (or something like that). The beach is beautiful there. But you can also go to the bar and they can find someone that will take you around to that spot on the beach by boat.


Good luck!! :)

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