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Going on Site visit tomorrow...HELP!!!

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Hey Gals


I am leaving for Cancun tomorrow.....YEA!!!cheer2.gif


I need help with what really important questions to ask the coordinator. Any suggestions or things you wish you would have asked about? THANKS!!! I am going crazy!!!

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you will have so much fun...dont freak you will be fine..plus you can always email when you get back..


we asked how much?

is there a set up fee?

can we bring anything in?

can we bring in alcohol if they didnt have our brand?

what time do we have to stop the music?

we did not ask pricing on rooms or room blocks because we are useing tammy from here the host..


if i think of anything else there is a thread on here ill try to find it....have so much fun...dont worry enjoy yourself....


i wrote a little journal of all the little tips while i was away so i would not forget...

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On our site visit , our WC showed us options on flowers, video and photographer, music options for reception and both ceremonies, menus and we went to see the location for ceremony, reception and the Church... dont know if you have those items already on your list...

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